The spiritual side of abortion

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Pastor Andy Merritt

A recent caller to the live portion of our broadcast mentioned that she had forgotten a past abortion (she’s had three).

It’s not the first time a woman has told me she forgot her abortions. It generally happens when more than one abortion has occurred, and when it was viewed simply as birth control. In those cases there is zero moral reflection, so there is likely no remorse nor other emotional reaction. But, as happened with our listener who called in, eventually the truth dawns in our hearts and we have to face a reconciliation with God, and with ourselves and others.

This is so because abortion is a matter of life and death. Therefore it is first and foremost a spiritual issue.

If you are a strong Christian it can seem discouraging to realize how marginalized our faith has become in our culture today. But as Pastor Andy Merritt says, “Reality is a culture will never embrace the morals of Christianity without first being reconciled and submitted to the Lord of Christianity.”

Pastor Merritt preaches his warning about a pattern throughout time and affirmed in Scripture: cultures which engage in idolatry soon slip to immorality and inevitably engage in inhumanity.

The good news is that the only answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ and its power to change hearts and minds. The bad news is that God’s people will be the first to experience the consequences of following in the course of culture.

In his message on Romans 8, you will find encouragement for the spiritual side of abortion, and inspiration to share the good news with others. You’ll also learn his model for the pregnancy help movement to live out faith by reaching out with real help to those vulnerable to abortion for lack of support.

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From his bio:

Andy Merritt is the pastor of Edgewood Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia, where he has served for 40 years. In addition to his pastoral duties, Andy is one of the early pioneers and leaders in the Pregnancy Center Movement. In 1981 Andy led his church to establish the nation’s first church sponsored Pregnancy Center which has ministered to over 70,000 different women. In addition to the Pregnancy Center, the church established the New Beginnings Adoption Agency in 1984. Andy has traveled nationwide assisting in the establishment and training of over 500 Pregnancy Centers, and his church hosts a National Pregnancy Center Conference every other year the first weekend in March. Andy is a Heartbeat International Servant-Leader honoree, and was honored by the Columbus Ledger/Enquirer as one of the “100 People to Remember” in the history of Columbus, Georgia for his compassionate ministry to women in crisis pregnancies. Andy is a graduate of Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland where he received a B.A. in Biblical Education. Andy and his wife, Kathy, are the joyful parents of ten children: Jonathan, Christy, James, Carrie, Joel, Catherine, Carol, Carla, Caytlin, and Charissa. They enjoy twenty-one grandchildren.

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