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Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor is a pro-life woman touched by abortion twice.

The first time she was a single college student in a new relationship which had no foundation for marriage or parenting. Convinced that they should place the child for adoption, she sought advice from Planned Parenthood in Arizona, only to be given unethical and coercive counsel, ultimately resulting in a traumatic experience.

When Anne’s life was more stable with a marriage and daughter in tow, a difficult pregnancy led to a medically-advised abortion, this time in a hospital setting at the hands of her regular OB-Gyn. Although it was less traumatic, the experience was no less harrowing on an emotional and spiritual level.

As the result of her experience, Anne has determined to speak out against abortion and let others know the truth about abortion: it takes a human life despite any factor which may have driven the decision. And she is also determined to sound an alarm about the practices of Planned Parenthood, whom she also consulted with before the second abortion.

Today Anne says:

Had I received different information from all of my trusted sources, I may have had more grandchildren for my parents, or brothers or sisters for my daughter. It’s called the circle of life – and we as women need to honor it. The lives within us are worthy of our protection. We should not allow death – abortion – in our bodies. I cannot change the past and the choices I made. But I can speak the truth, reveal deception, pray, and move forward in educating others.

And I will.

Anne’s voice is courageous and clear. Each human life has value and should not be prey for those who would profit from their deaths.

From her bio:

Anne Taylor’s testimony has been featured by LiveAction, LifeNews and many other pro-life sites, circulating widely on the web. Anne has been active in advocacy for our children specifically with regard to our increasingly intrusive Federal Education system including Common Core, ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), data collection, student surveys and protecting parent rights while advocating for the sweeping opt-out movement from standardized testing to sex education that embraces Planned Parenthood in grades K-12. In 2016 Anne was endorsed by the Republican Party to run for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Her post-abortion discussions through door knocking only highlighted that her pro-life work is not yet done. Anne and her husband work in residential real estate and share three children: An adult step-son, a daughter in high school and another daughter who is of preschool age.

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