UMC Leader speaks on abortion and a divided church

Cradle My Heart Radio | Paul T. Stallsworth airs 7-16-17

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Rev. Paul Stallsworth

Reverend Paul Stallsworth is a faithful voice for pro-life principles in the United Methodist Church, serving on their Task Force of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality, founded in 1987. He joins us on Cradle My Heart Radio this week to check in on how things are going in the denomination one year after the church voted to leave the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, an abortion rights advocacy group.

He’ll also address the disunity which threatens the health and vitality of the church. Stallsworth calls for faithful leadership at the highest levels, a return to biblical theology over and against secular conformity, and an end to office politics.

Rev. Stallsworth will also share his thoughts on how a Pastor can begin the abortion conversation in church. His approach involves dialogue, solid doctrine on the sanctity of human life and our shared obligation to uphold women in times of need, and a clarion call to see the “debate” in the context of the tens of millions of lives already lost, as the “greatest and gravest problem facing American society today.”

If you have been impacted by abortion personally, I hope you will tune in for the message of mercy and God’s love for you, straight from this pastor’s heart.

Please join us for Cradle My Heart Radio with Paul Stallsworth on Sunday, July 16 at 8pm CT.

From his bio:

Rev. Paul Stallsworth is the pastor of Whiteville (NC) United Methodist Church, the president of the Taskforce of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality, and the editor of its quarterly newsletter Lifewatch.

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