What if all we know about sex ed is wrong?

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Podcast playback. [NOTE: In the live discussion on this podcast several articles on Planned Parenthood and sex ed were referenced. Find them here and here from Live Action, and from Breitbart. Also referenced was the Millenial Success Sequence, in an op-ed from George Will here.] Listen now:

Miriam Grossman MD

The Sexuality Information and Education Counsel of the United States has been the leading proponent of comprehensive sexual education for over half a century. Started by a former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood in the 1960’s, the current president’s bio lists her background with the pro-abortion rights National Organization for Women and in “intersectional feminist activism, nonprofit management and fundraising.” In other words, SIECUS is an ideologically based organization, with ties to abortion rights advocates, operating under the banner of public health.

And the ideology espoused is “misinformed and outdated” according to psychiatirst Miriam Grossman MD, who says, “That’s a serious accusation, to be sure, but I make it after years of practice, research, and careful deliberation.”

So, what if everything we’ve been taught about sexual education is wrong? What if the philosophy espoused and now widely accepted has created a built-in demand for abortion?

Dr. Miriam Grossman has dedicated herself to uncovering the truth. Her starting place was to examine the science/research underpinning comprehensive sex ed. Her careful analysis showed a lack of peer-reviewed science and an abundance of opinion put forward as facts.

So what is the real truth about early sexual debut? Female bonding? The impact of binge drinking? Determined to uncover a scientific basis for sexual education and reproductive health, she found that lives are being endangered by the promotion of casual sex.

As a former campus psychiatrist at UCLA, Grossman saw firsthand the depression and emotional upheaval young women experienced from hooking up even if they managed to escape pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, she moved from physician to activist, sounding the alarm against her colleagues in the mental health field who continue to promote unsafe practices under the banner of consensual contracepted sex.

As for good reliable resources for parents and others, Dr. Grossman recommends the Medical Institute for Sexual Health. You can also learn about abstinence-only education at here.

We’ll talk with Dr. Grossman about her books Unprotected and You’re Teaching My Child What?

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From her bio:

Miriam Grossman MD is a practicing physician, author, and public speaker. She is known internationally for her courage in breaking ranks and calling foul on the Sexuality Education industry. The author of four books, Dr Grossman has been on over 200 radio, news, and television shows, and her work has been translated into eight languages. She has lectured at the British House of Lords and the United Nations. Dr. Grossman speaks to parents, students, educators, policy makers and health professionals on the importance of childhood innocence, and the dangers of a powerful sex education lobby that promotes sexual license instead of sexual health. This has led to catastrophic levels of disease and distress in the US and many other countries. Dr. Grossman graduated with honors from Bryn Mawr College and from New York University Medical School. She completed an internship in pediatrics at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, and a residency in psychiatry at North Shore University Hospital – Cornell University Medical College, followed by a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr Grossman is board certified in psychiatry and in the sub-specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry.

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