5 Fast Facts – Pro-Life News and Commentary 6-15-17

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Fast Fact – Abortion a man’s issue: Huffington Post reports on the abortion prayer walk by Love Life Charlotte which proclaimed abortion is a man’s issue. Of course, that idea is correct and overdue. Feminists engage in fallacy by asserting a man has no right to an opinion since he cannot have children. Arguments don’t have genders. And a man is involved in every pregnancy. But is a show of 600 men outside an abortion business the best way to reach men to impress upon them their responsibilities?

HuffPo’s image (above) of a lone escort facing a mob-sized group of men is meant to skew opinion and present this as a movement of intimidation. But Love Life staged an even bigger gathering last December, attended by 4000. The movement says they have saved 400 families from abortion. Over 70 churches are involved. In my opinion, yes, it’s time for men to add their voice to speak up for the unborn.

Fast Fact – Tracking abortion: A high school senior has compiled the first-ever comprehensive list of abortion providers in the US. Maddy Rasmussen’s Safe Place Project is being applauded by abortion rights advocates who say it displays the lack of access to women in rural areas. But the impetus for the project also exposes a little-known fact: while abortion is protected by the US Constitution, the US government practices has no oversight role in abortion practice.

Fast Fact – Personal story: Olympic runner Sanya Richards-Ross discloses an abortion in her book Chasing Grace. She chose abortion in 2008 to protect her dream on competing in the Beijing Olympics, yet she performed poorly due to the emotional weight of that choice. She also claims that abortion is commonplace among elite female athletes.

Fast Fact – How NOT to advocate for unborn life: What in the what?! WARNING: graphic content. Missouri politician Mike Moon’s Facebook video of killing a chicken is bizarre and counter to everything the pro-life movement stands for. Washington Post tries to track his thinking. I hope others will join me in denouncing this, and I hope he gets counseling. Meanwhile Missouri lawmakers convened a special session to deal with abortion, ordered by Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, including overriding a St. Louis ordinance banning discrimination based on abortion, pregnancies and other reproductive health decisions, and responding to a recent federal court ruling that invalidated rules that doctors who perform abortions must have admitting privileges at hospitals and that abortion clinics meet more stringent standards for health care facilities.

Fast Fact – Eugenics: Abortion practiced for the sake of non-fatal fetal abnormalitites is eugenics, seeking to purge the population of “defective” or “undesirable” people. Worldwide, and in the US, the leading cause of such abortions in Down syndrome. But in the UK, children are being terminated for cleft palate, a condition easily repaired with surgery. The rates of abortion after cleft palate diagnosis has tripled in the past five years.


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