When abortion hits millenial men

Cradle My Heart Radio | Zach McClellan interview airs June 11, 2017

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Zach McClellan

The primary spiritual challenge of abortion facing men today could be the danger of doing nothing at all.

The short film, A Faucet Drips depicts the deadly passivity at the heart of so many abortions.

Research shows that this modest film delivers powerful truth: abortion makes many men repress their emotions as they become passive bystanders in the lives and deaths of their own children.

More often the story is that men become bullies and sponsors of the abortion, pressuring their women to comply through coercion, threats, and worse.

Either way, men have the most impact and influence on a woman’s decision for abortion.

But they sadly may fail to realize it until it’s way too late.

While the rhetoric trumpets choice, and empowerment, and women’s rights, the reality more often reflects indecision, failure to act, and abject confusion about relationship roles. The resulting abortion may then split the relationship apart.

Writer and director Laura Hoffman captured the dynamic beautifully in this 13-minute film. And credit goes to Zach McClellan for his depiction of the Guy who is rendered irrelevant in the unfolding events by his own aimless emotional numbing.

His character moves through life reacting to situations as they arise, if at all. He appears to have no plan, and his girlfriend openly expresses her frustration with his passive approach to problems as small as what to order for lunch. He shared with us that inhabiting his character’s mindset wasn’t that much of a stretch because he and so many of his peers live disengaged lives.

The remedy includes exhorting guys to simply show up for their relationships, and to engage rather than checking out into a screen or drinking or other escapism to avoid mature behavior.

Join us on Cradle My Heart Radio as we explore abortion in the mind of the millenial male, and how this story is still resonating in Zach’s life six years after the film’s 2011 release.

From IMDB:

The story follows a couple’s decision to abort an unplanned pregnancy and the dangers of relational passivity. Told from the male perspective, the short film examines the impact unspoken words can have.

The National Religious Broadcasters honored the film with the 2012 1st Place Award in the Student Production Competition.

From his bio: Zach McClellan is a Technical Recruiter at Flexion, Inc. and an aspiring novelist. He has served as a spokesman for Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, presenting pro-life apologetics to school groups and community events.


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