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Cradle My Heart Radio | Terry Beatley interview airs June 4, 2017

Terry Beatley

To know the history of the abortion rights movement in America is to know the story of Bernard Nathanson, Jewish physician and co-founder of NARAL, the National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws, currently known as  National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.

Dr. Nathanson admitted in his books Aborting America (while still an atheist) and Hand of God, as well as in several public forums that he and others lied about abortion statistics when lobbying to change abortion laws in the early 1970’s. (See my review of his book Hand of God here.)

He later stopped doing abortions altogether, became pro-life, and eventually became a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

Nathanson’s history is at the center of Terry Beatley’s work. She met and interviewed him near the end of his life and made him a promise. She would make sure the world knew the full strategy which was deployed to get the American public on board with legal abortion. The result is her book What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America’s “Abortion King”. We invited Terry to share what she learned (The 8-point strategy) on Cradle My Heart Radio. You may find the truth outrageous–the effective ways the Catholic church was demonized, the twisting of data, fearmongering, and all of the tactics still in play today.

But knowing the roots can greatly help discern the truth in the abortion debate and policy battles today. Beatley is determined that everyone will know.

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From her bio:

Terry Beatley, is the author of What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America’s “Abortion King”. She is also president of Hosea Initiative which reveals Nathanson’s* 8-point strategic marketing plan to deceive American women into accepting abortion and his political ploy called the “Catholic Strategy” — an intentional ploy to separate Catholic teaching from legislative judgment. Nathanson gave Terry instructions to reveal his former strategy of deceit and to deliver his personal parting message to America.

Terry has been a contributing writer for The Washington Times, World Net Daily, Fairfax Free Citizen, and The Free Lance Star. Terry has been interviewed for articles in the Washington Post, World Magazine, The Catholic Herald, and the Virginia Right, and has done various radio interviews. Terry is a 2015 worldview graduate of Chuck Colson’s Fellows Program, a 2012 graduate of the Jennifer Byler Institute, former Virginia coordinator for ParentalRights.org, a former investment broker of 14 years and a retired homeschool mother of two daughters. In 1986, she graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Business. She currently serves on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Directors. Terry has been married for 30 years to Kenny and they reside in Virginia.

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