Quick Take – Pro-Life News and Views 5-25-17

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Fast fact on Hollywood – Variety magazine reports the producers and stars of the sitcom Mom will forgo an Emmy PR campaign instead donating $250,000 to Planned Parenthood. Of course, this is a PR move, complete with the Variety coverage and scheduled appearance on CBS This Morning, Access Hollywood, CNN, etc.
Fast fact on public opinion – An abortion duola wrote an op-ed for the NY Times which inadvertently demonstrates that abortion is not just a medical procedure. Who needs a duola for a tooth extraction? Who sheds a tear for their lost appendix? The emotional content of her case proves the gravity of the loss of life. But the author goes on to assert that society is guilty of stigmatizing women, and those who speak against abortion are culpable for violence against providers. She offers the same old rationale about poverty and majority rule and impugning abortion opponents. But her entire case is built on the wrong assumption that the children lost to abortion are not fully human and equally deserving of our compassion. Their very lives are stigmatized. She protests too much.
Fast fact on Christian school pregnancy policy – Religious values ran afoul of Christian grace at a Heritage Academy, a Boonsboro, Maryland high school where pregnant student Maddie Runkels was barred from graduation ceremonies and lost her position on the student council. The NY Times presents the story as a study in hypocrisy. But the issue is a serious one, and schools need to craft policies which model truth–that premarital sex is wrong–and grace–that pregnancy is not a sin–and help students choose life.

Fast fact on sidewalk activism – Protesters with graphic abortion images stood outside Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. According to Dallas News, students deluged the sidewalk with signs displaying silly or nonsensical messages. The fracas brings the issue into focus–where do you stand? If you are opposed to the anti-abortion protest what is a better way to stir opinion?

Fast fact on social media – The Telegraph reports leaked Facebook community standards allow posting a video of a live abortion, as long as there’s no nudity. What is there to possibly say about how wrong and depraved this is?

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