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Many women choose abortion when pregnancy presents itself as a life-threatening condition capable of robbing them of reputation and identity; and motherhood looms as an irrevocable loss of self. These findings are part of the Vitae Foundation’s landmark study, How Women Make Decisions about Unwanted Pregnancies:

Abortion is a fairly common choice today partly because . . . pregnancy and motherhood completely shatter some women’s idea of who they are and who they plan to be. In their minds, motherhood is equated with a kind of death.

Driven by isolation and despair, abortion looks like self-preservation, fueled by ignorance or willful blindness to the humanity of the child. But some women see abortion as saving a child from a life not worth living, believing the child would be better off dead than alive.

Meet Kelsey Vander Vliet.

Her relationship was over and he was with someone new. She was working as a waitress–no man, no money, and no time for a baby. He drove her to Planned Parenthood. She remained resolute going in.

Sitting in her faded gown on a metal table Kelsey says:

I cried silently to myself, asking God to protect my child and let my baby into Heaven.

Next the whirlwind of anesthesia, sleep, and awakening in recovery. Then, a nurse approached to say they were unable to complete the procedure, “It didn’t work for you.”

Kelsey said it wasn’t what she had in mind when she prayed for protection, but it was the protection she got.

I was carrying a healthy baby, and I was done fooling myself into thinking that I was not capable of giving my child a breath of life. I never went back.

In the days that followed, with help and support from her mom, she began to own just how capable she is.

Kelsey is now working to help other women with unplanned pregnancies to consider open adoption, hoping they learn from her miracle.

The idea that children would be better off dead goes against everything in God’s word. Jesus is the author of life (Acts 3:15), and the Bible says it is God who kills and makes alive (1 Samuel 2:6). When a pregnancy seems to threaten a young woman’s life, I hope we can demonstrate by our love for her that every life is worth living.

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From her bio:

Kelsey Vander Vleit

Kelsey Vander Vleit

I am a 24 year old from Northern Indiana, and I am experiencing the first year after placement in real time. I placed my baby boy in May of 2016. After placement, life was tough. I have found that a healthy balance of helping yourself and helping others is quite therapeutic. I attend a support group in the South Bend, Indiana area to help myself, and I am active in my community to help others. If you repeat this pattern, I think you will start to see not only the blessings that will come your way, but the blessings that you already have. Kelsey is part of the team at Talk About Adoption and she blogs at


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