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Quick take on adoption – Australian radio personality Ryan Jon reached out to thank his birthmother on Facebook for Mother’s Day this week. At last count the post had gained almost 5 million views. Take a few minutes to listen to the gratitude, empathy and maturity of this young man’s unselfish tribute to the woman who chose life for him thirty years ago. Ryan’s getting news coverage, and lots of love and support from fellow adoptees and birthmothers too. The original post also features a chat with his adoptive mom.

Quick take on taxpayer funding – Healthcare reform may spell out ending abortion in three ways, according to Forbes’ analysis. Along with defunding Planned Parenthood, the new plan calls for a small business tax credit allowing business owners to be able to opt out of general abortion coverage, and the individual tax credit would require purchasing additional coverage for abortions. The Heritage Foundation notes that due to the Affordable Care Act’s many loopholes “Obamacare potentially allow[ed] large taxpayer subsidies to flow to health plans that cover elective abortion.”

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Quick take on Planned Parenthood – Ivanka Trump’s recent private meeting with Cecile Richards revealed how abortion is central to their operation (not “just  3 percent”). Ivanka reportedly re-iterated President Trump’s suggestion that Planned Parenthood either stop providing abortions and/or draw a definitive line between abortion and their other services. Richards reportedly repeated that abortion is “central” to their operation, which refutes her repeated claims that abortion is only a tiny fraction of what they do.

Quick take on pregnancy centers – New York magazine decries a pregnancy center locating near Mississippi’s only abortion business. Their coverage relies heavily on a smear campaign conducted by NARAL–a direct competitor of abortion businesses to offer alternatives to pregnant women and couples. Pregnancy centers are offering a true alternative to abortion, and despite the fearmongering by the abortion lobby, they operate in ethical and effective ways with over 2500 centers in the US offering services free of charge to clients through their non-profit model. Many of the thousands of centers are now equipped with ultrasound and ultrasound sonographers as well as staff radiologists. A few are even offering comprehensive well-woman care, working to make abortion unnecessary and obsolete.


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