The difference a grandmother makes

Cradle My Heart Today | Evelyn and Sophia 5-4-17

Evelyn was concerned about her teen granddaughter Sophia.

Sophia was pregnant and considering abortion.

Evelyn wanted to help with that decision, so she reached out to a pregnancy help center.

“What, exactly happens during an abortion?”

“What are the potential side-effects?”

“What about emotional or psychological fallout?”

While Evelyn had thought of the barriers to Sophia becoming a parent, she had not thought about the serious risks abortion posed. She began to consider her role as Sophia’s grandmother, to help her granddaughter see beyond her current crisis.

Evelyn left the conversation with a new understanding of the value of life, and the number of a local pregnancy center where she and Sophia could find the life-saving help they needed.

Heartbeat International and other organizations work every day to bring light into the difficult decisions for women and teens with unplanned pregnancies. As we share God’s love, we’re also affirming families and the value of grandparents and extended family in helping women and couples choose life.

One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4

Find out more about pregnancy help centers and other resources for unplanned pregnancy at

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