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Cradle My Heart Radio | Sherrie Eldridge on Adoption 4-30-17

Adopt Colorful Watercolor and Ink Word ArtA generation ago kids might taunt one another by saying, “You’re adopted.”

This was meant to devalue the other, to deny their right to belong to their own families. If untrue, a child could perhaps shake it off. But an adopted child would understand the attitude that adoption means “less than” and “outside,” as a reinforcement of feeling the deep and abiding pain of not knowing their own identity.

The awareness of the harm of bullying in general today may shield adoptive kids from such outright humiliation and shaming. But more subtle forms of rejection still unfold over differences in appearance or other external factors setting adopted kids apart.

The changing landscape of adoption means more open adoptions, and that has led to an overall better understanding of the dynamics of adoptive families.

Sherrie Eldridge has contributed a great deal to that ongoing understanding. Yes, adoption rescues children from abortion. But it’s crucial for those children to receive the unique support they need to overcome issues of abandonment and a heightened need for security.

As an adoptee Sherrie knows the loss at the heart of every adoption experience. And she has helped countless families navigate healthy responses to those losses through her writing, speaking and teaching.

She cites experts who say being adopted is a deeper loss than death or divorce, saying, “A lot of adoptive parents don’t know this, but it’s foundational knowledge to have to be able to help your child. . . to be able to enter into your child’s world and talk about loss.”

Sherrie joins us on Cradle My Heart Radio Sunday April 30 to candidly share the losses central to her birth story, the inspiring way God’s word began the healing of her heart, and the difficulties she experienced once she met her birthmother as an adult.

From her bio:

Sherrie Eldridge

Sherrie Eldridge

For well over two decades, Sherrie Eldridge has offered her unique voice within the adoption community, as an established author and international speaker. An adoptee herself, Eldridge has the ability to see life through the eyes of an adopted child. In her seven published titles, she has shared her passion for validating adoptees’ life experiences and her desire to help adoptive parents better understand and meet their adopted children’s emotional needs. Her best-selling work, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, is considered required reading by many US adoption agencies. In 2010, she was named Indiana’s Congressional Angel of Adoption by the Honorable Dan Burton, Indiana Congressional Representative. Eldridge is widely recognized and respected as a compassionate advocate for adoptees, cultivating understanding about adoption’s challenges and opportunities for all those whose lives have been touched by it.

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