5 Fast Facts – Pro-life News 4-20-17

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Fast Fact: Trump denies abortion funding – President Trump signed a law last Thursday that allows states to deny Title X funding to Planned Parenthood and other organizations which perform abortions. According to the Washington Post, “The move marked the 12th time that Trump has signed a resolution under the 1996 Congressional Review Act (CRA) to abolish a rule issued under President Barack Obama.” Pro-life leaders from SBA List and other organizations hailed the move as an action which will assure abortion providers do not receive federal tax dollars. Abortion advocates argue Planned Parenthood is eligible for millions in Title X funding for their other services not related to abortion.

Fast Fact: charging abortion docs w homicide – A Montana law would charge doctors who perform abortions with homicide. Similar legislation has been proposed in Oklahoma. The basis for the legislation is that Roe v Wade gave women a constitutional right to privacy concerning abortions, but did not explicitly authorize doctors or others to perform them. Such laws are often not supported by pro-life lawmakers due to the expense of a court case to test the constitutionality of such a law.

Ellinor Grimmark via youtube

Ellinor Grimmark via youtube

Fast Fact: silencing pro-life medical professionals – A Swedish midwife lost her job and the latest round of appeals after refusing to participate in abortion. Ellinor Grimmark, a Christian, is pressing charges of religious discrimination, working with Alliance Defending Freedom International, which notes that international laws of which Sweden is a signatory, defend her right of conscience. Jill Stanek, RN battled for workplace conscience rights over hospital abortions here in the US before being fired in 2001. Jill refused to abandon a newborn with Down syndrome. The hospital protocol called for the baby to be left in the Soiled Utility closet until he or she stopped breathing. Jill instead, stayed with the child, and later faced down hospital administrators at the Christian facility where she worked.

Fast Facts: aggressive abortion activism – It’s happening worldwide. Abortion activists increasingly resort to coercion and bullying tactics to advance their agenda:

  • censoring pro-life speech in France
  • arrest for peaceful protest in Australia
  • ostracism at England’s universities
  • denying medical professionals and pregnancy center workers conscience rights
  • vandalizing prolife campus displays

Fast Fact: science supports the pro-life truth – New research shows babies in-utero feel pain in the first trimester, much earlier than thought. Many abortion advocates argue that the fetus lacks the ability to have an interest in its own life until it achieves sentience, the ability to feel pain, which has generally been thought to be in the third trimester. Since fewer than 1.3% of all abortions happen in the third trimester, the argument goes, the vast majority of abortions are morally permissible because the fetus lacks awareness until sentience. The problems with the argument lie not in the percentages (which still equals 13,000 innocent lives lost each year), but in its denial of equal rights to the youngest members of the human family. Human beings are valuable by virtue of our shared human nature, not an arbitrary developmental milestone such as sentience. If human nature alone is not the measure of our worth, then there is no basis for the idea of equal rights for all human beings.


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