5 Fast Facts – Pro-life News 4-13-17

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Justice Neil Gorsuch

Justice Neil Gorsuch

Fast Facts Legal – The Supreme Court of the United States is now complete once more as Justice Neil Gorsuch was sworn in Monday. His confirmation fills the 420-days-long vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Pro-life leaders hailed the Gorsuch confirmation as a campaign promise kept by President Trump. Abortion advocates weren’t quite as pleased. Many analysts agree with the Washington Post‘s view that Gorsuch will restore a conservative tilt to the Court.

Fast Facts Media – The network-TV series American Crime on ABC featured a storyline recently which illustrated how abortion-related informed consent laws save lives. Dawn Slusher covered the story for Newsbusters, applauding how sidewalk counselors were also shown to be persuasive when offering support to women outside abortion facilities.



Fast Facts Apologetics – Abortion provider Willie Parker has written a book offering a Christian pro-abortion apologetic. Parker sees abortion as a societal good helping women exercise their rights. Russell Moore counters with a critique of Parker’s spiritual self-delusion. Parker would have us believe that as he profits from aborting the youngest members of the human family he is also serving God. His story demonstrates how “the law is a moral teacher.” If we treated surgical abortion as what it is, the dismemberment death of small children, Parker’s detached accounts of putting their ruined bodies back together as pieces of a puzzle would expose the moral bankrupcy at the heart of his life’s work.

Fast Facts Activism – In an incident caught on tape, a Texas State University student got violent over an abortion display erected by Created Equal and campus pro-life group Bobcats for Life. Politics and government student Ian Ramos said he decided to engage his rage over images of abortion victims, which he characterized as fundamentalist propaganda. Ramos made statements that abortion is a human rights issue. His opinion wrongly assumes that children are not fully human from conception forward. If he could learn and accept this truth, perhaps then he could channel his emotions into life-saving rescue of the youngest members of the human family rather than raging over depictions of their deaths.

lightstock_60035_full_kim_ketolaFast Facts Legislation – The winds of change are blowing as states seek to restrict abortion in the wake of the 2016 elections. Taxpayer funding remains a sticking point. The Hyde Amendment precludes federal tax dollars paying for abortions. But taxes do pay for abortion in some states, including Minnesota. The state paid over $1million for over 4000 abortions in 2015. Opponents are seeking to roll back the law that allows that to happen.


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