Is the compromised church complicit in abortion?

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People often have a hard time understanding how women can override the reality that a pregnancy equals the presence of an unborn child within.

Yet women routinely are led to believe that there is a developmental milestone, around thirteen weeks in the pregnancy, when a child appears which had not been there earlier. This is not for a lack of intelligence or reasoning skills.

The abortion industry fosters this misconception. So does the Supreme Court of the United States, in language crafted by the abortion industry, suggesting unborn children early in pregnancy are not human beings but merely “potential life.”

There’s no such thing.

Life begins at conception. Being pregnant means you are the parent of an unborn child.

We agree in the case of planned and wanted pregnancies. A collective effort springs up to nurture and uphold that young voiceless life. Think baby showers, pregnancy parking spaces, and the excitement of the gender reveal on Facebook.

Yet, when a pregnancy is unplanned too often the world conspires to override the reality of that child. We help to end that life through silence, counterfeit compassion (“women need abortion”), and profiting from the crisis an unplanned pregnancy may represent.

Is the church complicit in these cases? Recent research from George Barna would seem to suggest so. In his 2015 study What God’s People Want to Know, abortion was the #1 social issue on which people say they want sermons and teaching. Yet the vast majority of pastors aren’t preaching on any social issues at all. Why? Another Barna study suggests cowardice in the pulpit and complacency about that in the pews.

Bottom line: it’s up to every follower of Jesus Christ to arm ourselves to obey God’s word which prohibits shedding innocent blood, and to take up the task of rescue.

If God’s people remain ignorant of the value of each individual life, and if we fail to rescue those being led away to slaughter, who but the church is responsible?

Yet God will at times break in, through the valiant and faithful efforts of one person, to give a voice to the voiceless.

The Voiceless film depicts a story encompassing all of the above–a fearful pastor, a congregation that won’t rock the boat, and a hero who speaks to change the devastating results when the church hides its light from the community it’s meant to serve.

The protagonist, Jesse Dean works for a church situated directly across from an abortion business. Jesse’s tasks involves outreach to rebuild the dwindling membership. Will he risk everything to protect the children facing extinction in his front yard? From the film’s website, here’s the heart of the dilemma.

This film encourages people to stand up for what they know is right, particularly as it pertains to taking God’s truths into society to address social issues. It addresses the spirit of retreat as it pertains to engaging the culture that has developed within the Church.

Abortion is the pre-eminent moral crisis of our time. I’ve stood on both sides of this issue. Every day I must live with having suffered the loss of a child to show for my ignorant default belief in the pro-abortion rhetoric.

The good news is that my grief is healing by the saving and merciful love of Jesus Christ.

I’m not who I was when I made that choice.

And I know my child safe in the arms of God in heaven.

But to prevent just one woman experiencing abortion grief, and save just one child– that’s why I speak up for the voiceless.

This film even features a church campaign kit that will allow your church to do the same.

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From his bio:

Stuart Migdon, Voiceless Executive Producer/Producer. Stuart started his career in Accounting, obtained his CPA designation and then started his own Employee Benefit Broker firm. He is a Christian author, ministry leader, an elder in his church and is the Founder of Jesus Take The Wheel Ministries.

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