Rescued from abortion now rescuing babies at-risk

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Monica Kelsey

Monica Kelsey

Monica Kelsey’s life began as a rescue operation.

She was abandoned at birth, and adopted into a loving family almost immediately. Monica believes she was saved in order to help save others.

She carries out her rescue work as a firefighter and medic through the Woodburn Fire Department in Indiana, and as founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

Safe haven laws exist in all 50 states making it legal to drop newborn babies at approved facilities such as hospitals and fire stations. The first safe haven law was enacted in Texas in 1999. Five years later the Washington Post understated the issue with this headline: Baby Moses Laws Slow to Succeed. And still today, every year tragic cases arise when newborns are found having been abandoned.

Within the last year alone, babies have been found in a field in San Antonio (deceased), in a field outside Chicago Heights (still alive), in Wheaton, IL (deceased), in Lowell, IN  (still alive), and in Orange County, FL (still alive).

In 2015 a baby was even found in a church nativity scene in New York.

Even as the shock value seems to recede with each new case, the existing remedy could end these cases today. The good news is that at least 3300 babies have been saved through the use of safe haven laws. The laws allow parents to remain anonymous while placing their child in the safety of care. Many fear any face-to-face encounter which could later identify them as the mother of the child. Designed to facilitate the exchange, Safe Haven Baby Boxes feature prominent signs designating the service.

Though she has faced resistance, Monica remains determined to rescue those children who would be abandoned without safe haven measures.  She’ll share how you can support the safe haven law in your state. And you’ll learn how the difficulties surrounding her own birth provide a powerful motivation to rescue those without any other hope.

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From her bio:

Monica Kelsey is a pro-life speaker and blogger, and the Founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes a non-profit organization geared to help save abandoned babies and their mothers from a lifetime of guilt. Monica is the First Lady of Woodburn, Indiana, (her husband is Mayor Joe Kelsey) she is also a firefighter/medic and spends her spare time saving the lives of strangers as well. Monica’s mission is simple, protect all human life from conception till natural death.

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