5 Fast Fact – Pro-Life News March 23, 2017

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Fast Fact Supreme Court confirmation hearings – Wednesday’s highlight may have been Sen Dianne Feinstein of CA asking if Judge Gorsuch’s Constitutional originalism would mean rulings that would roll back rights for women and gays, and for women seeking abortions. His answer, that Roe v Wade is the Law of the Land, drew exasperation from Feinstein for his lack of specificity. Pro-life leaders continue to call for his confirmation, noting his track record on upholding religious freedom for organizations in not having to pay for abortion, and his support for the State of Utah in its fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Gerard Bradley, law professor Notre Dame told National Review that circumspection has been the course for every previous nominee on the question of Roe v Wade, and forecast that the trend will continue.

Fast Fact Legislation  – Alliance Defending Freedom takes their case to the Supreme Court to defend free speech rights of California pregnancy centers. Spokesman for the defendant NIFLA, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, Thomas Glessner outlined what’s at stake: “This case has serious ramifications for the entire nation — not just pro-life pregnancy centers. If we lose, the government will be given legal authority to force charities and churches to post any message the government demands, even it violates matters of faith and conscience. And if the churches and/or charities refuse to do so they will be fined and penalized out of existence. This is tyranny of the highest form reminiscent of the days of the Third Reich in Germany.” A similar law is being fought at the state level in Illinois.

Fast Fact Media – Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was suspended after she fumbled on abortion rights and the Constitution on The View. She said she favors legal abortion because she’s for small government. Lahren’s logical fallacy was called begging the question, i.e., making the assumption that unborn children are not valuable human beings deserving of the Constitutional protection of Life. She’s wrong according to science and philosophy, not to mention theology. Homeschooler and Students for Life spokesperson Autumn is back to set Tomi straight. Her opening analogy is brilliant. Would you rescue a newborn left at your doorstep? If human decency demands rescue, the only discussion left is geography–where the baby is located–not the value of its life, because the child is fully human before birth too.

Fast Fact Marketing – Abortion is a matter of the heart. It either breaks your heart or hardens it. Exhibit A for the hardening of the heart: the marketing of the unapologetic upscale abortion business recently opened in Atlanta. It’s all pink and parties all the time. With client testimonials about the classy, chic, and modern atmosphere, and 5-star protection for your 5-star sex. The heartbreak is inevitable, but how much harder it will be for those who so brazenly exchanged the truth of their worth as mothers and the worth of their children for nothing more than lies and pandering to their egos.

lightstock_204873_medium_kim_ketolaFast Fact Statistics –  Context for abortion statistics–far fewer women have had one, and is the New York Times cherry picking data to defend ontinute dfunding of PP? Abortion is wrong even if every woman in America has had one. And the manipulation of statistics anchored efforts to legalize in 1973. I wrote about this for Faith Radio’s blog this week. There’s too much at stake–millions of innocent lives, for us to get this wrong. Get our free printable pro-life apologetic here.

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