Pregnancy cost her eyesight but her vision lives on

Cradle My Heart Today | Gail’s story 3-20-17

Gail McWilliams’ story is as unique as it is inspiring. Listen now:

She was told she would never have children. Then she was told to abort. The doctor said pregnancy would likely leave her blind.

What would you do?

Gail didn’t waver.

She answered immediately, “I choose life.”

Five children later indeed her eyesight was gone, but by then Gail had become a professional speaker, inspiring millions with the message that hope always sees.

Gail passed away last year but her vision lives on. Her message is “How could we be so blind?”

Gail said, “Surely there is an alternative to abortion? Life is for living. Each life has value. Life is a sacred treasure. Who will stop this needless shedding of innocent blood? Overcoming blindness is a choice. Open your eyes America and speak up for life. It is our richest commodity and resource.”

Gail’s faith enabled her to not only rise above her condition but to use a tragic affliction a path to her greatest potential, not only as a wife and mother, but as an encourager building others up. Gail glorified God by choosing life, yes, and the lesson of her life is that faith is greater than our greatest fears. An unintended pregnancy, a difficult prenatal diagnosis, overcoming the pain of abortion all signal a coming tragic affliction, yet all may open our eyes to our greatest potential.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

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