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Jessica Farrar

Fast Fact – Political theater Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar crafted a satirical bill meant to reflect regulating abortion as needless intrusion into women’s lives, by proposing intruding on men. This is just embarrassing on so many levels. But with serious news outlets like the Washington Post covering the story, we thought we’d play along. Titled A Man’s Right to Know, the bill would fine men for [solo sexual activity] as “an act against an unborn child, failing to protect the sanctity of life.” Oh dear, this woman is seriously confused. But so was TV scientist Carl Sagan. The fallacy says, “Sperm and egg are alive, so why isn’t it immoral to kill sperm and egg through [solo sex]?” The answer is simple. When sperm and egg unite a new organism is formed-a distinct, living, whole human being. Since abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human being it is morally wrong. That is embryology and social justice for all members of the human family. Better head back to the drawing board Rep. Farrar, or as Rep. Tony Tinderholt said, “Consider taking a high school biology class before filing another bill on the matter.”

Fast Fact – Political correctness This Aussie dad’s encouraging ad for the pro-life group notbornyet.com was deemed too political here, on the basis of trying to influence pregnancy decisions and for violating rules on the sponsoring organizations. Emily’s Voice CEO Paul O’Rourke gave an impassioned response here. Among his many arguments for protecting the unborn, he also argues for open dialogue. Watch the video and decide if this is “political.”

Fast Fact – Baby girls gone Last week’s UN’s International Woman’s Day sparked the best tagline ever: Girls Just Want to Be Born. In her piece for the Witherspoon Institute, Marie Smith draws a clear line between sex-selection abortion and gender-based violence against women and girls. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. And that doesn’t even encompass the direct violence at the heart of the abortions of over 160 million baby girls-now happening at a scale as to be called a “global war against baby girls.” How can America’s so-called feminists remain quiet about their plight?

Fast Fact – Funding abortion abroad In response to President Trump withdrawing US aid for foreign abortions, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada goes all in for abortion funding, pledging $650 CA for reproductive health including abortion. Since much of the aid is directed to nations in Africa which outlaw abortion, Canada could end up paying for legal challenges to government policies restricting abortion. Charges of imperialism have naturally arisen. Canadian Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto called the move “arrogant” and an exploitation of those in need of real care.

lightstock_360953_jpg_kim_ketolaFast Fact – Bioethics In Wisconsin, the Heal Without Harm Coalition has drafted a policy for carrying out a recommendation from Congress regarding fetal tissue research. Among the recommendations is research being more closely regulated. The bioethics group Cures for Tomorrow objects and asserts that “lifesaving vaccines, therapies and cures” would be lost. The CFT response is in direct conflict with the Congressional Report from The Select Panel on Infant Lives. Aside from the ethical concerns of the barbarism involved, the Panel explicitly stated:

In the nearly 100 years that research using human fetal tissue has been unrestricted, not a single clinical treatment has been developed from human fetal tissue. . . The select panel report includes specific data on how human fetal tissue has not been used or is not necessary for research or cures on a whole range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, ALS, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, preterm birth, spinal cord injury, and Zika.

When someone tells you those CMP undercover videos were a hoax, point them to the Select Panel Report which got lost in the year-end news cycle in December. The Report detailed in almost 500 pages how the wild west of fetal tissue research has been an unregulated ethical nightmare waiting to happen. Protecting the bodily dignity of children after they’ve died is the least a civilized culture can do.

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