Abortion sanctuary cities threaten conscience rights

SONY DSCSt. Louis became an abortion sanctuary city last month under Board Bill 203 which prohibits discriminatory practices in reproductive health decisions.

Boston and Washington DC also have added reproductive decisions to non-discrimination policies.

Abortion sanctuary cities may become more common as officials wrestle for control over local, state, and city governments. Already, State lawmakers in Missouri have vowed to overturn the St. Louis measure.

Last month Missouri Governor Eric Greitens posted his opposition to the St. Louis policy on his Facebook page:

Nancy Valko, a representative of the National Association of Pro-life Nurses, anticipates the difficulties individual nurses may face in refusing to participate in abortion. She says abortion sanctuary cities rule out conscientious objections for hospitals, landlords, pregnancy centers, churches, and perhaps even parents who may object to their minor children participating in abortion.

Speaking more broadly, she says pro-life nurses walk a thin white line daily, protecting their patients from the encroaching cultural devaluing of life. Abortion sanctuary cities bring that line into focus.

And she wants that line to be even brighter–for nurses and for everyone they serve.

Conscience rights, whistleblower protections, healthcare law, and religious freedom all come into play in the life of today’s nurses.

And Valko has lived many of the ethical battles she’s fought–from caregiving for family members with severe disabilities, to miscarriage and the loss of an adult child to suicide, bioethics has been literally brought home. Her miscarriage led to working with her church body on developing a worship service for Naming and Commendation of an Infant who Died before Birth.

The one constant is her principled stand for life.

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From her bio:


Nancy Valko

Nancy Valko, RN ALNC is a registered nurse and spokesperson for the National Association of Prolife Nurses, as well as a past President of Missouri Nurses for Life and past co-chair of the St. Louis Archdiocesan Respect Life Committee. After working in critical care, hospice, home health, oncology, dialysis and other specialties for 45 years, she currently serves as a legal nurse consultant and volunteer. In addition to writing and speaking on medical ethics, Nancy has personally cared for many relatives with a variety of physical or mental disabilities, including her mother with Alzheimer’s and terminal cancer and a daughter, Karen, who was born with Down Syndrome and a severe heart defect. Although both are now deceased, their influence has positively motivated her activities in medical ethics and working for greater support for people and families dealing with such issues as disabilities, chronic illness and terminal conditions. In 2009, she lost her 30 year old daughter Marie to suicide and in 2012, her 6 year-old-grandson Noah to a rare autoimmune disease.

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