Abortion overshadowed faith and almost took her life

Jewels Green in our podcast spotlight from our interview in October, 2016

Abortion overshadowed faith and almost took her life

Jewels Green

To meet Jewels Green today is to encounter a confident, strong woman of God, a mom of three, and a person with unwavering support for the dignity of human life.

However, few would guess that her hard-won journey includes the difficulties of teen pregnancy, forced abortion and a suicidal depression which somehow found resolution as Jewels worked to help other women abort.

Through it all she was a Christian, nominally at first, but churchgoing all the same.

In a two-part interview Jewels talked about the role of knowing and facing truth in her journey from death to life.

Turning point

Surprisingly, in realizing the infinite worth of a child with Down syndrome, somehow everything changed.

This story will resonate with every young woman or teen who trusted the wrong guy, whose choice was irrevocably denied, whose trauma was relived in the worst ways possible, and who’s found the limitless mercy and love of God in Jesus Christ. If any of those descriptions fit you, please give us your ear and find a friend in faith and comfort for the sorrows and pain may abortion bring.

Join us the week of October 16 and 23 for our conversation with Jewels Green on Cradle My Heart Radio.

From her bio:

Jewels Green is a mother, writer, public speaker, volunteer, and tireless advocate for the right to life from conception to natural death. Jewels’ candid articles have been published online and in print, some of which are compiled in the ebook Abortion Hurts, a collection of essays on my journey from death to life and she is featured in the documentary film 40 and in the book We Choose Life: Authentic Stories, Movements of Hope.

Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion provides affirmation and hope after abortion from the Scriptures. Here are more resources for help and healing. If you are pregnant and need free, confidential help call 1-800-712-HELP. If you’ve had an abortion and need immediate help call 1-866-482-LIFE. Join us on Cradle My Heart Radio! Call 1-800-811-3003 LIVE from 9:30-10 pm ET Sundays on Faith Radio or voicemail 24/7. Ask a question at kim @ cradlemyheart.org. For a list of radio stations or for live streaming, go here. Podcast on iTunes and archived here.

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