Kim Wilson – Abstinence the cure 3-9-17

Kim Wilson has a vision for a world where young women of color value and practice abstinence.

In such a place a world of hurt has disappeared.

Families feature both fathers and mothers, and children enjoy stable homes.

HIV-AIDS is no longer the leading threat of death to black women aged 24-35.

Abortion no longer takes the lives of half of the children of color conceived each year.

And maybe, just maybe there are no more riots over the senseless death and imprisonment of so many young black men.

For all of these problems and more, Wilson says, “Premarital sex is not just the wrong thing to do, it’s an epidemic – that is killing and destroying the lives of too many black & hispanic women and girls and children. Abstinence is the cure. Experience God’s best for your life by avoiding sex before marriage.”

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality . . .” 1 Thessolanians 4:3

Listen to our interveiw with Kim Wilson here.

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