5 Fast Facts – Pro-life News March 9, 2017

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Chibok girls released

Chibok girls released

Fast Fact – What about rape Cradle My Heart Radio presents an exclusive interview this weekend with Daniel Becker of Personhood Alliance. Learn about efforts to help the newly released “Boko Haram Girls” who face the risk of abortion after rape and forced marriage in their captivity. There was extensive news coverage of the kidnappings back in 2014. The world rejoiced with the release of 21 of the 276 who were taken. But the battle is far from over, even for those returning to Chibok. This group of girls is very vulnerable to abortion after rape and forced marriage by their terrorist captors whose aim is to break the community’s spirit through defiling their young women. Their plight leaves them suspended between those who tortured them and family rejection. But efforts are underway to help the girls and protect their pregnancies as they return home.

Fast Fact – Funding International The She Decides campaign features countries pledging $200M to fill the gap left by the US defunding abortion overseas. Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook has personally donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood, saying she hopes to prevent abortion. But can that work? I wrote about this for Faith Radio this week. Planned Parenthood provides abortion here and internationally. Donating to them to stop abortion is like handing over your lunch money to stop the schoolyard bully–it only fuels the violence. Pro-life groups note women need help with maternity and childrearing, not abortion.

Fast Fact – Funding US Meanwhile, this week President Trump made Planned Parenthood a deal: he’d remove the barriers to government funding of their organization if they will stop providing abortions. In a response which surprised no one, Dawn Laguens PP EVP told the NY Times federal funds don’t pay for abortions while affirming PP wouldn’t abandon their abortion patients. Which is it? Does the federal money go to abortions? If not, how would moving to private pay abortions abandon patients? Abortion is not only wildly unpopular as a line item for taxpayers, but in practice it is not only not healthcare, but rather an elective practice which research shows is carried out on healthy women and healthy children in the vast majority of cases.Child Playing

Fast Fact – Eugenics A bioethics group in the UK moves to ban early pregnancy blood test because it could be used to abort baby girls. The UN reported that tens of millions of girls are missing worldwide due to sex-selective abortion. The practice is banned as discriminatory in several states in the US. And Asia continues to struggle with the unintended consequences of a world without enough women. And in a related story, Ireland recently hosted a medical summit which projected European nations eradicating down syndrome through genetic testing.

Fast Fact – Anti-abortion violence? A report from pro-abortion group the Feminist Majority Foundation says abortion business violent threats are up. But one peaceable warrior tells his story of how his peaceful work was libeled with unproven charges of violence, and how he prevailed after not one, but three court cases brought by abortion advocates.

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