5 Fast Facts – Pro-life News March 2, 2017

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pl17a02_normalFast Fast – Research There’s cloudy data on how many abortions take place in America each year, and several groups are working to change that. (I wrote about that for Faith Radio this week.) And a massive project brought together recent research showing there have been 1 billion abortions over 100 years worldwide since Russia first made abortion legal in 1920. One of the most striking findings is that abortion proliferates everywhere it is made legal, it never decreases. The way to stem abortion is to make it unthinkable and unneeded, and yes to work to protect the youngest among us under the law.

Fast Fact – Legislation AZ abortion law would require abortion provider to be able to carry out a live birth. This simple shift acknowledgs the number one rule of obstetrics: a pregnancy equals two patients. Providing protection to children who survive would likely expose the number of practicioners who aren’t obstetricians at all. Related law proposed in Montana would mandate life-saving measures to babies who survive abortion attempts. Of course, there’s controversy, but these laws just make sense in a society that at least so far prohibits infanticide.

Autumn Lindsey, Students for Life

Autumn Lindsey, Students for Life

Fast Fact – Culture Homeschool teen mops up pro-abortion Gift Guide from Teen Vogue. Autumn Lindsey. soberly and reasonably addressed the vulgar, offensive and deceptive content being sold to her peers. She also told CBN that friends need real help after abortion: “Don’t buy them a gag gift and disguise it as a celebration. Treat it for what it is — a terrible loss. Go sit with her in her grief. Pray for her. Remind her of God’s redemption, and comfort her in her suffering.” If you are a parent to today’s teens, this story is a great teachable moment.

Fast Fact – International Guatemala is working to counter the efforts of the abortion boat Women on Waves. The ship is a Dutch nonprofit which sails into waters adjacent to countries which prohibit abortion, offering women there free abortions in international waters. Guatemala is not allowing women to enter the boat or WoW personnel to disembark. Fear of birth defects due to the Zika virus may have drawn the abortion boat, but the hysteria has faded. Now the stated mission is helping women exercise a fundamental right to abortion, a concept decided by the US Supreme Court in 1973 before DNA and 4-D ultrasounds and other means now affirm the full humanity of children before their birth.

Fast Fact – Media bias Save the Storks mobile pregnancy centers inspire dueling headlines. I interviewed one of the founders of the outreach and was impressed by how they are effectively persuading women to choose life, using state-of-the-art vans equipped with ultrasound and staffed to provide free pregnancy tests. Pro-life media loves it! Pro-abortion not so much. The opposing tone of the two news items casts a starkly different picture of the value of the pregnancy help movement in general.

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