5 Fast Facts – Pro-life News Feburary 16

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Fast Fact –  Science New UK research discoveries on embryonic autonomy demonstrate life begins at conception with a new autonomous human being and “[highlight] the remarkable and unanticipated self-organizing properties of human embryos,” in the absence of maternal tissues (see the journal Nature Cell Biology). One of the last lines of defense for abortion apologists argues for the mother’s bodily autonomy. But if the embryo directs its own development, does it not also have a right to autonomy? A related story demonstrating the full humanity of children before birth from the UK shows a 20 week scan, four weeks before the legal limit for abortion there.

Fast Fact –  Activism Coverage of ProtestPP rallies and counterprotests held last weekend mostly omitted reporting on the reason for the protests. USA Today‘s coverage repeated Planned Parenthood talking points about their abortion money without presenting the objective refutation (WaPo gave 3 Pinocchio’s) debunking that claim. Some report that aggression by counter-protesters was censored. If you’re a bit worn out from the fray, check out how women can abortion-proof our communities through quiet activism, starting with helping women reconnect sex with marriage and children.

Fast Fact – Abortion-aftermath Teen Vogue offers troubling after-abortion advice for teens. Especially damaging is the idea of abortion as empowerment, further encouraging girls to advance their future dreams at the expense of the lives of their children. Students for Life has a much better answer in the video below. For spiritual help women need after abortion see our book Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion.

@beyonce Instagram

@beyonce Instagram

Fast Fact – Pop culture Grammy afterbuzz wondering is Beyonce pro-life? She’s getting loads of credit from pro-lifers for affirming her babies with words and positive images of her pregnant figure. Her Instagram pregnancy announcement has 10 Million likes. But the Federalist asks: Would Beyonce’s Babies Still be Babies if She Chose Abortion? It’s a fair question. In our culture you decide if your baby’s a baby. But what a woman decides ultimately cannot change the reality of the baby’s being a full member of the human family from conception forward. Bottom line: Beyonce pro-life? Um, no. She backed the Womens March big time and her foundation partners with Global Citizen to advance abortion in the developing world.

Fast Fact – LegislationOklahoma legislature considers men in an abortion bill that’s not likely to pass. A 1992 SCOTUS decision deemed men to be without legal standing in the lives of their children before birth. I wish the sponsor of the legislation had deployed a basic pro-life apologetic pointing to the justice issues involved for children before birth, and for their fathers. Arkansas’ new law recognizing the right of a father to sue a praticitioner for certain types of abortions has generated a backlash over the misconception that it’s a ‘dad veto’. It’s not. Set that aside and ask if justice is served by stripping men of parental rights regarding their children before birth. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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Kim Ketola


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    Tonya Prim

    February 15, 2017

    Thanks for the link to the article about how women can abortion-proof our communities. That’s where we can make real changes.

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      Kim Ketola

      February 15, 2017

      You are so welcome! Thanks for letting us know.



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