5 Fast Facts – Pro-life news Feb 9

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Fast Fact 1: Planned Parenthood defunding moving forward, protests planned

locationsAbortion opponents organized by ProtestPP.com are expected to gather at nearly 200 Planned Parenthood locations this Saturday to voice opposition tp taxpayer funding of America’s largest single providers of abortion. The protests are unfolding as pro-life lawmakers work to prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving reimbursements for Medicaid, a move endorsed by those who object to those federal payments being made to an abortion provider when other providers are abundantly available.



Fast Fact 2: Snopes repeats false narrative on Abortion – Breast Cancer link

breast_cancer_mammography_fbAlthough Snopes has lost credibility for a number of reasons lately, it remains one of Facebook’s sources to fact-check the news. So it matters that Snopes this week said reports that studies prove a link between abortion and breast cancer are FALSE. But 2014 NCBI research on the breast cancer epidemic causally linking abortion and breast cancer is not hard to find.  I’ll preview our interview Sunday night when Cradle My Heart Radio will fact check the fact-checkers with researchers Joel Brind and Eve Silver, who will also  provide guidance for safeguarding breast health.

Fast Fact 3: Climate concern and abortion politics

Fox News You Tube

Fox News You Tube

Abortion is also a worldview problem. There are environmentalists who believe abortion is moral because it limits population. And Sierra Club executive Michael Brune said as much on Tucker Carlson Tonight recently. The idea that population control through abortion helps the environment is a worldview issue driving science in our time, and that worldview is in conflict with the Christian worldview which says children are a blessing and a gift from God.


Fast Fact 4: Abortion in the arts this week

Nicole Scherzinger, Cynthia Rhodes

Nicole Scherzinger, Cynthia Rhodes

‘Dirty Dancing’ the iconic 80’s film is set for a 30th Anniversay remix, and screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein reflected on the abortion storyline in the ensuing years in a HuffPo headline with  all you need to know: ‘Dirty Dancing’ Was A Safe-Abortion Champion Wrapped In A Rom-Com Bow. ABC’s remake features Nicole Scherzinger, Moana star and the actress who will play Penny (Cynthia Rhodes in the original) who aborted in the film. Nicole has recently spoken out unequivocally against abortion. Saying her life could have been taken by abortion, she told young women, “Keep your babies!”

Fast Fact 5: Calling good evil: abortion wordplay

picture1Time magazine published an opinion by Rabbi-in-Residence Danya Ruttenberg who said women should “reclaim the term pro-life from anti-abortion activists.” As a pro-life apologist I am used hearing that defending unborn life is not actually pro-life, because you don’t also ________ (want government day care, oppose the death penalty, favor pacifist movements, favor exporting abortion to the developing world via federal aid), or in this case, support the Affordable Care Act. One of my favorite responses points to the pregnancy help movement as evidence of our caring. Even better, Scott Klusendorf refutes the charge as an ad hominem fallacy. He says imagine telling the Cancer Society they have no right to focus on curing cancer and not heart disease and diabetes. Arguing over labels as a defense of the intentional killing of innocent human beings = not pro-life.


Bonus: Katie Couric on children before birth–calls a fetus a baby, and a person

Newsbusters reports that last week, Ellen featured Katie Couric promoting her National Geographic documentary, Gender Revolution, which confronts “gender identity in this country.” And, according to Katie, the unborn can feel a different gender. In relating how a baby’s sex develops in the fetus, Couric said a baby in the womb can “feel” like a different gender, “In the later stages of development, it’s when your brain is wired, and sometimes a surge of testosterone can make… a female fetus feel as if that baby is male or that person is male,” she said. “And the opposite, if there’s not enough testosterone.” Maybe Katie and Ellen will become advocates for unborn transgender and intersex babies?

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