Denise Mountenay on abortion’s harm to women and children

Denise Mountenay on Cradle My Heart Radio

Denise Mountenay

Denise Mountenay

If you listen long enough and often enough to pro-abortion rhetoric, you form an image of a woman exercising agency, feeling empowered, making her own choices and marching through life unencumbered by the pressures to conform to the will of others.


All that is needed to destroy that myth is to listen to the women whose mothers, grandmothers, aunties and friends forced or abandoned them to abortion. Denise Mountenay is in that number.

Although partners (i.e., men) exert the most influence by far (see here, here, and here) women are seldom outside the realm of other women when making an abortion decision. And of course, abortion providers play a key role, especially when information is withheld or distorted. As Denise shares her story, all of these dynamics come into play.

And you’ll also hear the dramatic way God broke in to heal her heart and start her life anew after abortion.

We’ll also discuss her role in the Hush documentary, which sheds light on the detrimental impact of abortion on women’s health (including the abortion breast cancer link, abortion and mental health, and abortion and infertility:

Join us: finding God’s love after abortion, and sharing his truth with others, this week on Cradle My Heart Radio

From her bio:

Denise Mountenay is an international speaker and author. She is also the founder and President of Canada Silent No More, a campaign to reach women hurt by abortion. The main focus of Denises message is to declare that abortion hurts and damages women physically, psychologically and spiritually. She is especially concerned about the 28 studies now linking breast cancer to induced abortions, and she emphasises the humanity of the preborn baby and addresses all the rhetoric. Her new book is The Bride, the Serpent and the Seed.

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