Choosing life when the doctors push for abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio | Lisa Smiley interview airs 12-4-16

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Maybe you’ve seen her viral video”It’s a Baby!” making the common sense case for respecting and protecting the lives of children before they are born.

But you very likely are not prepared to hear Lisa Smiley’s testimony of finding God’s love in the midst of a devastating prenatnal diagnosis for her son Zeke. Lisa chose life and her poignant story beautifully illustrates so many principles at the center of the abortion debate:

  • Zeke’s diagnosis was rare and fatal-he was born with only half a heart
  • The medical community’s pressure on families to abort
  • The pressure for euthanasia after his heart attack at five
  • Lisa’s strong conviction that our children are not our property
  • The lessons she’s taken away from Zeke’s time here on earth
Join us for our conversation with Lisa Smiley on Cradle My Heart Radio the week of Dec 4.
Lisa Smiley

Lisa Smiley

From her bio: Lisa Smiley is a national blogger and speaker at as well as for Bound4LIFE International. Her articles have appeared in The National Review, The Federalist, The Christian Post, Charisma News and more. Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of California-Irvine. She is alive today because her Chinese mother broke the law and gave birth to her and her sisters in Communist China. Then as a mother herself, she chose life for her son, Zeke, who was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart condition, against the doctors’ recommendations. She is a wife and mother of four precious children, including Zeke who is now with his Creator in heaven.

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