New Feminism making abortion obsolete

"When women are affirmed in their femininity and are honored for who they are, then we will be empowered and have true equality."

An encore presentation with Leah Jacobsen on Cradle My Heart Radio week of November 27

lightstock_171982_medium_kim_ketolaHappy Thanksgiving!

This year we are so grateful for those who are working so tirelessly to make abortion unneeded.

That’s an ambitious goal. To accomplish it, true help and support is required, not just to see a pregnancy through, but to nurture women and couples in the knowledge of godly marriage and parenting.

And yes, financial support requires God’s people to give and give sacrificially.

And that is happening! I see it every time I speak for a pregnancy help center and people respond with financial gifts and donations of their time and prayers. I see it as I speak on campuses and students approach wanting to know how to help a friend already broken by abortion. And I see it in stories of families determined to give their children every chance when the doctors say it’s time to terminate a difficult pregnancy.

Please join us for an encore presentation with Leah Jacobson whose vision for the next wave of the pregnancy help movement includes centers offering comprehensive holistic care.

Leah Jacobson

Leah Jacobson

Jacobson’s Guiding Star centers offer healthcare for women which recognizes the greatness and the gift of femininity, and helps women to function at our healthiest. Founder Leah Jacobson says, “When women are affirmed in their femininity and are honored for who they are, then we will be empowered and have true equality.”

Guiding Star envisions ‘one-stop shop’ centers providing support for natural means of family planning, fertility care, childbirth, breastfeeding, and family life, including childcare.

Be encouraged this Thanksgiving! Please join us and find out how this inspiring vision is being fulfilled as we move closer to the day when abortion is truly obsolete.

Life triumphs when we trust God with our future and entrust to him the wreckage of the past. Life wins. God’s love cannot fail.

From her bio:

Leah Jacobson, foundress of The Guiding Star Project, is dedicated to creating a Culture of Life through the implementation of Guiding Star Centers nationwide. These centers will promote New Feminism and Natural Law and are the next stage for the pro-women and pro-life movements to collaborate in a holistic, comprehensive approach.

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