Jesus actor Bruce Marchiano’s new pro-life film Alison’s Choice

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Have you ever encountered someone who seemed to embody the love of Jesus Christ? Bruce Marchiano is fascinated by these folk and has a heart to bring the spirit of Christ to life through characters like them.

He applies his creativity and faith to finding ways to express the love of Jesus Christ in everything he does, whether his books, films or other messages, often with a strong gospel appeal wrapped in a simple story of people going about their everyday lives.

His latest project, Alison’s Choice encompasses finding God’s love in the midst of an unintended pregnancy.

The plot: When young Alison finds herself pregnant by a dead-beat boyfriend, she turns to abortion. There in the clinic, as she waits for her name to be called, she encounters a cast of extraordinary characters; a flamboyant counselor, a suburban mom, a heart-weary receptionist, an inner city counterpart… And more than anyone, a gentle-faced janitor with mop “eternally” in hand. The two begin to talk and it quickly becomes clear he is no mere janitor, but the living God manifest – and He’s come to plead for the life of her baby. With the clock ticking precious minutes away, it is a fight for life or death. Suddenly a nurse appears, “Alison, we’re ready for you.” What will Alison choose…

Here’s the trailer:

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From his bio:

Bruce Marchiano

Bruce Marchiano

Bruce Marchiano is an actor, author, and speaker best known for his impassioned actor’s portrayal of Jesus in the film The Gospel of Matthew. Marchiano’s other acting credits include Murder She Wrote, Columbo, Days of Our Lives, L.A. Law, The Encounter… to name only a few. As an author, Marchiano has penned six books on Jesus, including Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women and the bestselling In the Footsteps of Jesus. Bruce also founded Marchiano Ministries, a non-profit ministry principally serving rural villages and impoverished children in South Africa. As a speaker, Marchiano has traveled the globe, sharing the love of Jesus. Consequently, he’s witnessed hundreds of thousands of people overwhelmed by God’s grace.  Most recently Bruce completed his first film as a producer/director, Alison’s Choice, and is in development on a film of The Gospel According to John (see New Jesus Movie).

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    Mrs. Shawn Mullin

    August 22, 2016

    Like all the other films you have done this one will be no exception. It’s remarkable too me that you portray Jesus so well and so humanely. As a person who reads scripture trying to understand the people from a human perspective I find your portrayal of Christ refreshing and authentic. Please keep making these movies I believe they have a tremendous impact on people who can’t imagine a Christ so real and authentically human.

    I’m hid with Christ,



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