Planned Parenthood crosses the line with virtual propaganda

Brian Gibson on Cradle My Heart Radio week of August 14, 2016

Across the LineVR

Across the LineVR

Last week we covered Across the Line, a heavy-handed piece of Planned Parenthood propaganda aimed at discrediting Christians through scare tactics, unstated assumptions and guilt by association.

In the film, virtual reality viewers journey with a patient to learn “what they experience as they try to access reproductive health care.” There’s an ironic warning of disturbing content as the video opens, not due to a depiction of the real violence of the abortion procedure, but rather angry, unhinged Christians. The audio of actual protesters screaming verbal assault is disturbing, and it is unequivocally unacceptable. But also objectionable is the unstated assumption that all Christians are verbally abusive and threatening in their behavior, making all those opposed to abortion guilty by association.

In addition to implying all Christians are guilty of harassment and hate, perhaps the worst aspect of this propaganda is the final screen slide dedicating the film “to those who lost their lives in Colorado Springs, CO on November 27, 2017.” Tying that event to lawful protest, specifically the Center for Medical Progress expose of Planned Parenthood, was the early narrative, ascribing motive in those deaths without any evidence to support the claim. Those early reports have been debunked–Dear’s target was the FBI and the federal government. And in May of this year, the shooter Robert Louis Dear was declared mentally incompetent to withstand a criminal prosecution. To my knowledge, Planned Parenthood has still not publicly commented on the ruling; yet they now openly suggest the angry “Christians” depicted in their film are responsible for Dear’s tragic and deranged actions. Again, PP misses the irony of dedicating anything to those who lose their lives in abortion violence.

Since those who gather outside abortion businesses are being cast in such a negative light, we invited Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries to share the facts about his organization’s activism, their values and their approach. He noted that their mission is often misunderstood, “Sidewalk counseling is not an effort to end abortion. It is an effort to save as many babies from being killed by abortion as possible until abortion can be brought to an end.  To be successful at sidewalk counseling, we must be approachable and able to enter into conversations.”

Even so, Brian has been assaulted in the course of his work. Yet he remains steadfast, “Through God’s grace, we have been able to document more than 3,100 babies that have been rescued from abortion through our ministry supported by hundreds of selfless volunteers and generous financial gifts.”

Gibson will share details of best practices, shared annually at Pro-Life Action Ministries’ National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium and local events throughout the year. And yes, PLAM also leads peaceful protests. Rescue and protest are appropriate actions when lives are on the line.

Join us on Cradle My Heart Radio as we learn the difference between rescue and protest, and effective ways and means to accomplish both.

From his bio:

Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson, a national leader in the pro-life movement and has been full-time with Pro-Life Action Ministries since 1986, has been its Executive Director since January 1989, and has worked actively with the ministry since its inception in 1981. Under Brian’s direction, Pro-Life Action Ministries has grown from a small activist group in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota into the nation’s largest and most organized sidewalk counseling ministry. Their annual National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium has brought together and trained sidewalk counseling leadership for the past five years, increasing quality sidewalk counseling across the US.

Each Good Friday organizes the largest prayer vigil at an abortion facility in the world, with 15 pastors of various denominations and as many as 3200 in attendance. The 40 Days for Life campaigns in the Twin Cities led to the first abortion facility to close in Minnesota, inside Regions Hospital, because of pro-life efforts. On August 22, 2015 the largest protest of a Planned Parenthood, 4,500+ in attendance, was organized by Brian. Brian & his wife, Julie will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary in October. They adopted and raised two children from infancy.

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