How an atheist abortionist, an addict and a grieving woman all became pro-life

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Lisa Thomas and Kathy Gray come from different backgrounds–one grew up Catholic and the other Protestant. One had parents engaged in ministry and the other spiraled into prostitution and prison.

Yet both have found the common ground of redemption after following their very different paths.

Together they have written Light in Our Darkness, a story that illustrates the transforming love of God no matter how broken our lives have become. Through a unique set of circumstances, each became aware of the work of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was instrumental both in forming the pro-choice movement, and in the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion. Their work weaves his words into the story to demonstrate what Christ can do in changing hardened hearts. Dr. Nathanson wrote his story The Hand of God before his death in 2011. He stopped performing abortions after technology advanced ultrasound imagery and revealed the humanity of unborn children. His compelling story illustrates his path from being an atheistic Jewish abortionist to a Christian pro-life advocate. He attributes his change of heart to the silent witness of the unborn child and the passion and conviction of other pro-life advocates.

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Lisa Kratz Thomas

Lisa Kratz Thomas

Lisa Kratz Thomas is co-author of Light in our Darkness. She was raised in a Catholic family in a Maryland suburb of our nation’s capital. Compelled by a hunger for love and a thirst for freedom, and carrying the shame of abortion, she spiraled into drug addiction. Later she became a prostitute and homeless drug addict on the streets of Washington, DC. Through repentance in Christ, Lisa recovered fully. She served on a Senate Sub-Committee studying prisoner reentry, and became a reentry advocate, visiting prisons sharing hope with both men and women. Not only has she mentored countless women; she is also an advisor and confidant to elected officials, their wives, and clergy.


Kathy Gray

Kathy Gray

Kathy Gray, co-author of Light in our Darkness was born and raised in Colorado in academia in a Protestant ministry home. Reeling from the effects of abuse and the murder of her brother she eventually plummeted into mental instability and found herself groping her way through a nervous breakdown. Emerging from the fog of comparison and perfectionism, Kathy came to value life, all life, even her own. She has mentored numerous women both inside and outside the rooms of Twelve Step recovery. An accomplished musician, she now pours into the musical development of multiple students and uses her musical gift to lead people to the heart of God through praise and worship. 


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