Welcoming unwed mothers to church

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Amy Ford

Amy Ford

Most churches that advance a pro-life worldview may inadvertently be driving away the very people most in need of that message: unwed and pregnant girls and women.

And according to cbn.com there are 13 million of these women across the US, most of them also suffering from lack of resources due to low household income. Pastors may be unaware of the hidden mission field, or may fail to reach out due to concerns over condoning unmarried sexual relationships.

Embrace Grace is stepping in to fill that gap. The new ministry is offering churches curriculum and resources to offer support and love to those who are pregnant and may have nowhere else to turn.

Founder Amy Ford joins us on Cradle My Heart Radio to share the dramatic story of what inspired Embrace Grace and information on how to get involved.

Here’s a video sure to open your eyes to the need:

From Amy Ford’s bio:

Amy Ford speaks nationally to varied audiences including women’s ministry events, pro-life and adoption conferences, church leadership, and pregnancy center benefits. Serving in Embrace Grace she has countless stories of how churches, pregnancy centers and the body of Christ have come together to impact communities in a beautiful way. She brings a fresh perspective of how one life can make a difference by stepping out of our comfort zones and just loving people. Amy delivers a combination of inspiration, authenticity and depth to every event. Author of A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope & Courage during an Unplanned Pregnancy. Guest appearances on: Life Today with James Robison, Table Talk with Joni Lamb, Glenn Beck, Focus on the Family and much more.

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