Abby Johnson leading workers out of abortion

Abby Johnson featured on Cradle My Heart Radio May 2016

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Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson

She spent eight years not only working at and directing a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, but advocating for their policies, including abortion rights.

But then Abby Johnson witnessed the reality of the unborn child’s experience of abortion and everything changed.

Her decision to speak out, as told in the bestselling book Unplanned, triggered legal action from Planned Parenthood, who sought to silence her with a gag order in 2009, claiming that client privacy was at stake. But the courts sided with Abby, and she has been changing the conversation about abortion ever since. Among her many revelations is the fact that Planned Parenthood’s business model is built on abortion quotas.

Now she’s released The Walls are Talkinga chronicle of the harrowing yet inspiring stories of others whom Abby has helped to walk away from providing abortion services. The challenges are many, from financial pressures to the needs of future employment and spiritual healing.

Don’t miss Abby Johnson sharing these stories which challenge us to model mercy and praise God for the truth: no one is beyond his redemptive love.

From her bio:

Abby Johnson holds a B.S. in psychology from Texas A&M University and an M.A. in counseling from Sam Houston State University. She was hired by Planned Parenthood and eventually became a clinic manager in Texas, where she ran both the family planning and abortion programs. She was Planned Parenthood’s 2008 Employee of the Year. In 2009 she left Planned Parenthood and has since been an international pro-life advocate. She told the story of her dramatic conversion in her best-selling book, Unplanned. Abby founded the organization And Then There Were None, which helps abortion clinic workers leave the industry.

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