Disability shouldn’t be a death sentence

Prenatal testing and Down syndrome on Cradle My Heart Radio week of May 8

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Life Goes On star Chris Burke, comedian Dan Kulp

Life Goes On star Chris Burke, comedian Dan Kulp

Down syndrome is a developmental disability affecting one out of every 691 pregnancies annually in the US, making it the most common genetic condition. According to the National Down Syndrome Society, “People with Down syndrome attend school, work, participate in decisions that affect them, have meaningful relationships, vote and contribute to society in many wonderful ways.”

DS is not a fatal condition yet it has become a lethal prenatal diagnosis in many cases in the US today.

ABC News reported in 2009 that 92% of families chose abortion after hearing a prenatal diagnosis of DS. More recently, those statistics have been challenged, and some revise the percentage down to a “reduction rate” of 38%. That squares with analysis last year from the Lozier Institute which found that abortion due to DS has reduced that community by one-third in the last generation. To counter these trends, Indiana recently became the second state to ban abortions sought because of the baby’s sex, race, ancestry or genetic disabilities such as Down syndrome. The law takes effect July 1, yet the ACLU will oppose the ban in court.

Legal protection for developmental disability shouldn’t be controversial. But absent protections, such discrimination for this non-fatal disability is happening around the world. Australia families abort 55% of pregnancies after a prenatal diagnosis of DS, and the UK rate is 48%. According to a recent newsletter from Heartbeat International, in 2012 only 17 babies were born with Down syndrome throughout Taiwan, which has a population over 23 million.

For a unique perspective on the issue Dan Kulp joins Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about building his family through adoption, including bringing home one of the first children with DS to be released for adoption by China, where most children with DS are abandoned after birth and will die due to exposure.

At the heart of the story is the reality that we are all broken in some way.

And yet we are all valuable in the same way–as children of God.

From Dan’s bio:

Dan Kulp is a comedic storyteller and the proud parent of two adopted children from China who have special needs – including one with that wonderful extra chromosome! He is also the proud brother to four siblings who have Down syndrome (three were adopted). Drawing from his additional experiences as an actor, writer, youth pastor, radio talk show host, husband and parent – Dan is a gifted communicator and sought after speaker.

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