John Ensor: from local pastor to international pregnancy help advocate

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes John Ensor the week of April 17, 2016

As you ponder the scope of lives lost due to induced abortion, it can be sobering to note that in the US there are over one million abortions annually.

But that number pales compared to the death toll in China, where due to the one-child and now a two-child policy, there are 13 million abortions annually.

John Ensor

John Ensor

John Ensor brings the message of life through the Passion Life Asia Initiative in a way that effectively offers alternatives to those most vulnerable to abortion throughout the Asian world. His approach has been honed through pregnancy help work beginning in Boston over two decades ago when he was pastor of a local church. As Ensor repented of his complacency on the question of abortion, he began preaching the value of every life, and watched his small congregation begin the healing process as members came forward to confess their brokenness over abortion in their lives. (Read his exhortation to pastors and Christians, Answering the Call here.) That outpouring led to founding pregnancy help centers in Boston, then several more in Miami.

In the ensuing years Ensor has now traveled the world as a leader, speaker, writer, trainer and co-laborer with the message of equipping pregnancy centers to offer a true alternative to the abortion choice. We shared one such mission to Russia in 2012. Recently his focus has been on Asia.

Ensor joins us on Cradle My Heart Radio to discuss the reality of what forced abortion looks like in China. Single motherhood is an impossibility in China; the government would withhold the requisite birth permit for any single woman. And if a woman cannot pay the fine, married or otherwise, she is forcibly removed from her home and labor is forcibly induced. In an especially cruel twist, after the abortion is complete, she is given the remains of her child to bury at her own expense.


Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

The 2005 case of Wang Liping brought this practice to light when photographs circulated on the internet. What can this practice teach us about abortion is America today? And what can one person do to stand for the cause of life in China? You may be surprised at the conclusions.

We’ll also discuss his upcoming teaching on pro-life ministry and applied bioethics at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

From his bio:

John Ensor is a glad co-laborer in the rapidly expanding pregnancy help movement. He is the President of PassionLife, an ordained evangelical pastor and the author of several books, including Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life. He and his wife, Kristen, have been married 38 years. They have three grown children and live in Roswell, GA. Starting in 1991, John led the Boston-area Christian community to establish A Woman’s Concern, a network of six ultrasound-equipped pregnancy help centers. In 2006, he joined Heartbeat International as Executive Director for Urban Initiatives and piloted Heartbeat of Miami, a minority-led, ultrasound-equipped, pregnancy help ministry that is now living out the gospel of life amidst 30 abortion business. Today, through PassionLife, he is working to transform pregnancy help ministry into a true global missions movement.

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