He was targeted for death by abortion, but lived to tell the story

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Henry Flowers the week of March 20

Henry Flowers

Henry Flowers

Born in Grand Rapids and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Henry Flowers IV is an overcomer of overwhelming odds while growing up in a poverty stricken, fatherless home. He is now making efforts to turn the tables and light the path that leads to safe, loving homes and powerful families for others.

Henry is committed to helping build a society of young adults who don’t have to recover from their childhood, but who can become great people because of their childhood.

He is a husband. He is a father of five. He is on a mission to help young men to become Great Men.

Through his sharing of his own story of the legacy of abortion in his family line, Henry has also developed his mission, B.I.G. Men’s Ministry.

Henry is pioneering more life-giving possibilities for our young teens who find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations, as he has dedicated his life to dealing with the other side of the equation…the young males who are in terrible need of mentoring and leadership.

From his bio:

Henry Flowers is Urban Outreach Director of Protecting Black Life, an outreach ministry of Life Issues Institute in Cincinnati, OH. His mission is to reach the black community with the pro-life message. Finalist at the World Championship of Public Speaking, 2008, Toastmasters International, Henry is a gifted speaker and communicator across many venues such as colleges and universities, high schools, fundraisers, and churches. He is the author of the book Bored To Death: 5 Steps To Gear Up & Be About THAT LIFE.


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