Colorado violence devastating for everyone on all sides

Pro-Life leaders uniformly condemn violence in Colorado and beyond

Officer Garrett Swasey, Univ. of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Officer Garrett Swasey,
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Friday’s shootings in Colorado Springs are a tragedy, not just for the victims and their families, but for all of us. We are all diminished whenever anyone denies the dignity of any human life, especially through violent means. Regardless of our anguish over the millions of lives lost due to abortion, I join with leaders in the pro-life movement who categorically denounced the actions of the shooter, or anyone acting with violence.

Although local authorities have said no information from their investigation as to the shooter’s motive will be announced until Monday afternoon, many media outlets are reporting a political motive, and politicians, including Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee are calling this “domestic terrorism.” The mayor of Colorado Springs said, “people can make inferences from where it took place.” In contrast, and perhaps more accurately, neighbors have drawn a portrait of a contentious voyeur who became a paranoid off-the-grid mountain man who was neither religious nor political.

In seeking answers, some are suggesting that anti-abortion reporting and rhetoric incited the violence–a narrative voiced by the National Abortion Federation’s Vicky Saporta, and assumed to be true by Colorado’s (Democratic) Governor John Hickenlooper.

It is distressing that the pro-life movement is being tarred with this brush and blamed for the evil and deranged violence from a possibly mentally ill individual. The essence of our cause is protecting and defending life.

The one ray of hope in this tragic story is the bravery of Garrett Swasey, the pastor and police officer who put his life before others, as he so often had done before, on that awful morning. As pro-life ethicist Charlie Camosy notes:

“The actual pro-life Christian at the Colorado Springs shooting was the cop who was shot and killed at the scene. A Christian pastor who hated Planned Parenthood who, when the call came in from their clinic, gave his life in their defense.”


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