Pro-Life stories we’re following this week

Sidewalks, signs, and statistics making news

There’s a sharp contrast to a pair of stories in the news this week concerning our public sidewalks.

In one case, Ohio’s Otterbein University students propose a scheme to buy the public sidewalk in order to censor a pro-life group whose message makes them “unhappy.” This follows a campaign to drape bedsheets to cover Created Equal‘s display of images of fetal development and abortion victims.

Otterbein360 Twitter page

Otterbein360 Twitter page

In contrast, there’s the story of Kevin Cook, the seminary student who stood with his wife outside an abortion facility in Kentucky holding signs offering to adopt the children facing abortion.

The Cook's Adoption Fund page at gofundme

The Cook’s Adoption Fund page at gofundme

The Cook’s facebook post went viral, but the fundraising is going slowly–they are hoping to raise $30,000 to over the costs of adopting one or two children who otherwise would be aborted. Doesn’t this deserve our support?

Finally, this week, there’s the extremely questionable report of 240,000 women choosing DIY abortions in Texas as a result of the 2013 laws passed restricting access to unsafe facilities and practices in that state. It is no coincidence that these propaganda tactics are being deployed as the Supreme Court is considering appeals to repeal the law. Abortion advocates admit to inflated abortion statistics when Roe v Wade was being decided, and fearmongering stories of dangerous self-induced abortion ushered in abortion as public policy from the very beginning. (LifeNews notes that while NARAL asserted 5000 to 10,000 abortions annually due to unsafe illegal abortions, the actual number in 1972 prior to legalization was 39 deaths according to the National Center for Health Statistics.)

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