Part II: Duck Dynasty’s Al and Lisa Robertson secrets for surviving infidelity, abortion and more

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Duck Dynasty’s Lisa and Al Robertson for Part II April 5

Cradle My Heart with Kim Ketola guests Al and Lisa RobertsonDuck Dynasty has become known for its cast of characters hewing to Christian values and conservative views. So when Al and Lisa Robertson began a media tour for their new book, they showed the courage of putting their private pain over abortion and their other relationship issues out there in public in order to help others avoid the mistakes they made in the past.

And it seems, no such good deed goes unpunished by the liberal media.

When she opened her heart to talk about her regret for the abortion she had at age 16, a reporter turned the conversation political, and Lisa lost control of the interview, and her ability to simply tell her own story.

I had a very similar experience with the press when I first went public with my story too. My purpose was to help those who had been hurt by abortion. I wasn’t motivated by the legal and political issues. I wanted to help others receive spiritual healing. The pro-life/pro-choice debate was far from my thoughts, and I wasn’t engaged in how the culture was even defining those terms. I also didn’t want to be accused of projecting my experience onto others, so I was quoted as saying I was pro-choice, when the whole point of my ministry was to steer people away from that wrong and devastating choice. It was eye-opening to see how quickly and intensely the reactions raged from both camps.

Lisa has said she felt trapped by the line of questioning (“Don’t you think women should have a choice?”), and issued clarifications of her prolife convictions with a great deal of poise and grace, refuting headlines which label her pro-choice while also candidly talking about abortion regret and, ultimately, redemption.

The couple’s book A New Season also tackles the tough topics of infidelity and the accompanying deceit, distrust and shame. Join us for a candid conversation about the secrets that saved their marriage.

From Al’s bio:

Alan Robertson is the oldest son of The Duck Commander. He grew up hunting and fishing and helped build the foundation of the family business in the ’70s and ’80s. Back in the day, he and Phil would travel around Louisiana and Arkansas selling duck calls to stores right out of their truck. The sales pitch back then was the same as it is today: “These calls are the best ’cause they sound just like a duck!”

Recently, Alan has returned to the family business after serving in full-time ministry for more than 25 years. Alan plays a vital role in the family’s commitment to spreading the gospel of Christ through their love of hunting and the great outdoors. The only Robertson without a beard, he calls himself a “Jacob” in a family of “Esaus.”

Alan and his wife, Lisa, are parents of two grown daughters who are married to bearded men. Alan and Lisa are proud grandparents to two granddaughters and a grandson on the way. They all live in West Monroe, Louisiana.

From Lisa’s bio:

Lisa Robertson is the first daughter-in-law and is married to Alan Robertson, the oldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson. Miss Kay took Lisa under her kitchen wing, and taught her valuable culinary skills that come in handy when the family gets together. Lisa and Al have been married for more than 28 years and have been speaking at marriage retreats and doing marriage seminars for at over 14 years. Lisa has a powerful story that impacts the lives of those she meets. She is Al’s assistant at Duck Commander and also tries to help manage the beauties, as well as the beards. Al and Lisa have 2 grown daughters. Their older daughter, Anna, and her husband, Jay, are parents of 2 beautiful daughters, Carley and Bailey. Alex, the younger daughter, and her husband, Vinny, are the newest additions to the Duck Commander Company and are expecting a baby boy very soon.

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