Abortion in adult children of divorce

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Jeannie Scott Smith

Jeannie Scott Smith

This week on Cradle My Heart Radio we’ll meet Jeannie Scott Smith who shares her story of growing up in a single-family home.

To my knowledge, no research exists proving a correlation between parental divorce and choosing abortion, but there is ample evidence that divorce hurts kids. I believe our stories provide the anecdotal evidence which connects the dots between a difficult childhood and adolescence, and a risk for abortion in young adulthood.

According to studies published in 2005 in Marriage and Child Well-being from The Future of Children/Princeton-Brookings:

[C]hildren with divorced parents are worse off than those with continuously married parents on measures of academic success (school grades, scores on standardized achievement tests), conduct (behavior problems, aggression), psychological well-being (depression, distress symptoms), self-esteem (positive feelings about oneself, perceptions of self-efficacy), and peer relations (number of close friends, social support from peers), on average. Moreover, children in divorced families tend to have weaker emotional bonds with mothers and fathers than do their peers in two-parent families.

When you consider family breakdown and the link to early sexual behavior, I think we could easily add a vulnerability to future abortions to the list. Father-hunger and poor relationship choices seem to go hand-in-hand, leading many to a seeminly inevitable path of unintended pregnancy and abortion.

Jeannie is careful to take full responsibility for her actions, offering praise for the sacrifices her mother made to see the family through. But she’ll also share the pain she experienced, and how she has overcome the consequences of her choices. Above all, Jeannie will share her love for God’s Word, and how it has healed her heart and soul.

Jeannie Scott Smith is the author of Shattered into Beautiful: Delivering the Brokenhearted from Abortion. The book outlines her story, which was also featured in the film, Set Free as the lead testimony.

From Jeannie’s bio:

Jeannie Scott Smith has spoken for Silent No More and 40 Days of Life as well as within churches and fundraising banquets for pregnancy crisis centers. She is now the Founder/CEO of Coastline Women’s Center: Pregnancy and Family Support, and Shattered into Beautiful: Abortion Recovery for Women. She was recently chosen as a workshop leader for Heartbeat International where she educated on the 5 principles for building a post abortion ministry. Jeannie feels called to encourage and equip the hearts and leaders within pregnancy centers to build a thriving post abortion ministry. She is committed to God’s call on her life to share her story and minister to hurting women across the world while honoring first, her most important role as a wife and a mother. Jeannie’s husband Carter joins her in this mission with a strong determination to see the end of abortion. Jeannie and her family reside in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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