Carol Everett: From Abortion Provider to Prolife Champion

Cradle My Heart Radio airs an encore presentation of our interview with Carol Everett this Sunday August 31 at 9 pm ET 

[UPDATE 9-9-14 podcast posted]

Carol Everett went from abortion profiteer to a champion profoundly defending life.

This is a dramatic story and one that needs to be heard as Carol outlines the strategy and tactics she employed to sell abortion through access to teen girls in the schools and other community outlets. Her stated goal was 3-5 abortions for every teen aged girl 13-18 in the Dallas area where she was operating. She accomplished this is part through deceit and providing fraudulent birth control with a high rate of failure. Her financial goal was to become a millionaire, and she very nearly did until God intervened. But it took the deaths of tens of thousands of before Carol was able to break free.

At the heart of her story is an unresolved abortion that Carol experienced which left her hardened to the reality that her work was hurting women, not helping.

We’re presenting an encore of our interview with Carol just in time for you to consider joining us for a live appearance in the Atlanta area next month on September 30. The Pregancy Care Center in Clayton County is hosting a banquet featuring Carol as keynote speaker. I will be there serving as MC and I hope you can join us and support the work of the Center.  Reservations are required, please check the details here.


From Carol’s Bio:

Answering God’s call, I now use my experiences and faith to help set girls and women free from abortion by connecting them with positive, life-affirming options. The Heidi Group partners with these women and their families to meet the needs of a crisis pregnancy with practical and scriptural solutions.  I have offered expert testimony in courts across the nation as well as 33 State Legislatures and Congress. My transformation from hardened abortion provider to loving pro-life advocate is detailed in the book, “Blood Money – Getting Rich off a Woman’s Right to Choose.” The ministry has also released two videos,” The Light of Life” and “Abortion Techniques.”

Join us for Cradle My Heart Radio this Sunday for this compelling story from a witness to the inside truth of the abortion industry. Find a station or link online here.

Kim Ketola



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