After abortion: from a Mess to a Message

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Rhonda Barnes

Rhonda Barnes

Rhonda Barnes has a heart to help others heal, whether through her career as a nurse or fulfilling her call to minister to those hurt by abortion. And although our careers are very different, I found myself thinking how our stories are oh so similar. If you have had an abortion, I’m sure you will find something you share with Rhonda too as she transparently shares the impact of abortion in her life, especially how the experience continued to resonate through her life long after the abortion was over.

Rhonda knows the pain of going through the divorce of her parents as a teen and the connection to becoming sexually active too soon. She is also able to help women who feel rejected by a man who had promised marriage before the pregnancy occurred. Overcoming backsliding, spiritual bondage and other challenges have all helped her effectively lead others to freedom in faith.

And through years of ministry she is able to tenderly share the stories of women and men whose experience may have been very different. The common thread is the hope and healing we’ve found in God’s word and in reaching out to one another in Christ’s love.

From Rhonda’s bio:

Rhonda C. Barnes is the author of From a Mess to a Message. Her unique and transparent style of ministry and her passion for women who are hurting and broken has caused the hearts of many to be transformed by the Word of God. Rhonda is a licensed minister of the Gospel serving first in Okinawa, Japan and now through INSOUL Fellowship Church, Fayetteville, NC.

Rhonda is also the founder and primary instructor of AFTERMATH Ministries, an after-abortion care ministry and Bible study addressing the emotional and spiritual needs of men and women who have experienced pregnancy loss through abortion. She also serves as Regional Coordinator, Fayetteville, NC for Silent No More Awareness. Rhonda holds a BS in Zoology from Fort Valley State College, Fort Valley, GA and a BS in Nursing from Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA. She is currently working for the Department of the Army as a Nurse Specialist providing support and education to parents with children ages newborn to 3 years old. Rhonda and her family live in Raeford, NC. She and her husband, Donald, have been married for 28 years; they have 3 adult children and 1 grandchild.

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