Abortion–what’s truth got to do with it?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes evangelist John Barros on February 9th

[UPDATE: podcast posted 2-28-14]

How far do you go to share your faith on an average day?

John Barros has probably got you beat.

john barros

John Barros witnessing outside Orlando Women’s Center

He’s been willing to stand outside the Orlando Women’s Center abortion facility to have conversations with the people going in (and coming out) six days a week, nine hours a day for the past three years. It’s a busy place, notorious for offering late-term abortions and coupons for discount abortion procedures. John’s work to rescue women and children there inspired this short film Who Will Stand.

I love John’s ministry because he is so very Christ-like, full of grace and truth (see John 1:14). He is present at the point of need, he is passionately committed to the lives of those he engages, he relies on God’s Word to persuade, he cares.

It takes real faith to stake everything on the Gospel truth and the simple act of having caring conversations with people who are desperate and spiritually lost. John Barros does that day in and day out.

And many are being saved. Over 1000 women have responded to John’s message of God’s love and have decided to choose life for their children.

Yet, when I contacted John about sharing his story, his first concern was the women he meets coming back for check-ups after an abortion. He extends God’s love and grace to them as well, and he knows their need for ministry and healing.

Join us for this inspiring story on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola and our guest John Barros on February 9th from 9-10 pm ET

Kim Ketola



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