Giving Cash for Giving Birth

Cradle My Heart Radio discusses giving cash to give birth. Podcast spotlight March 1, 2017

Photo by Swangerschaft at Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Swangerschaft @ Wikimedia Commons

In the 1880’s Vincent Van Gogh once helped a pregnant woman abandoned by her lover. According to Wikimedia:

In letter to his brother Theo, he says: “Last winter I met a pregnant woman, deserted by the man whose child she was carrying. A pregnant woman who walked the streets in the winter — she had her bread to earn, you’ll know how. I took that woman on as a model and have worked with her all winter. I couldn’t pay her a model’s full daily wages, but I paid her rent all the same, and thus far, thank God, I have been able to save her and her child from hunger and cold by sharing my own bread with her.”

You can view the striking image Van Gogh titled “Sorrow” created to tell her story here.

The need for social support is still at the heart of most abortion decisions today. And money is the driving factor behind the vast majority of abortions; the Guttmacher Institute reports 73% of women who abort say they can’t afford a baby.

But, what if someone were to be like Vincent, providing pregnant women with support and even a cash payment designed to carry them through the short-term financial crisis of pregnancy and giving birth?

Save Unborn Life is a nonprofit organization doing just that. Working through referrals from pregnancy help centers, SUL contracts for a payment of $3000 to women who agree to care for themselves properly during pregnancy and give birth.

National Review Online recently featured SUL’s President Laura Merriott and some of the women the organization has helped. The article noted that there are over 100 groups offering cash to women to pay for abortion procedures. What if all those who oppose abortion would fund this effort to help women financially?

The idea is not new. Governments worldwide are using incentives to correct falling birth rates. Cash payments and other benefits are offered in Taiwan. The Wall Street Journal reports that Japan pays $3,300 as a birth incentive. Baby bonus nations include France, Germany, Spain and Italy; Scandinavian nations offer 18-month maternity benefits and other incentives.

What do you think of a nonprofit stepping in to help the individual woman in need?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section here! And join the conversation Sunday night.

Listen as Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola welcomes Laura Merriott of Save Unborn Life, Sun. 2/2 at 9 pm ET

Kim Ketola


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    January 28, 2014

    I can’t believe the God-incidence of this article coming into my inbox today. I have only recently heard about this blog and have not had a lot of time to read it. TODAY, for some (ahem!) unknown reason, I felt compelled to read the blog when I was waiting for one of my mommies. My eyes bugged out when I saw the comments about “Save Unborn Life.” GOD IS SO GOOD!

    I had an abortion almost 40 years ago. For the last twenty years I have worked with post-abortive women, helping them to receive healing. In the last few years I have volunteered one morning a week outside of a late-term abortion clinic in Atlanta where I encourage women who may be on the fence about their abortion to reconsider — offering them concrete help if they decide to change their mind.

    God counts the “Saves,” not us…..but we estimate over 100 women a year leave the clinic, changing their minds. Most don’t accept our offer of help, saying they will be okay. About 20 a year need hands-on help, often in the form of a ride to a PRC for a free ultrasound and a listening ear. Of those, most are able to transition into their pregnancy well, re-establishing family ties and moving forward with renewed hope.

    Some of the mothers, however, need more help. Typically their support system is shallow or non-existent. Some have lost their jobs. Trying to give them hope and a vision of the blessings that will come their way if they hang in there can be tough at times!

    Right now we have three mommies we are actively working with. One just delivered her baby two weeks ago — one month prematurely because she was working two jobs! Another had her due date two days ago and I’ll be her birthing coach. Another one is from a country where, if she goes home pregnant without a husband, she will be forced to abort her child.

    We have just found a good Christian home for the woman who is the foreigner, so she is getting stabilized. Her family overseas is sending some money monthly to help her, also. The woman who gave birth earlier this month is getting behind on rent and utilities and we’ve reached out to try and get help for her.

    The mommy I was with today is the one who is due any moment with her baby. She has been unemployed for the last several months and we have been cobbling together funds to help keep her stablized in her current location, which is relatively inexpensive and safe.

    With funds dwindling, we reached out to the community with a request for $3,000 — enough to cover her for the next three months. Just TONIGHT I received confirmation that we have the funds to cover her for February and one church group is talking about sponsoring her for March.

    To think that there is an organization like “Save Unborn Life” who has a similar vision to help these mothers stay stabilized is just amazing to me. We have been struggling to help these woman as we are a small group of people from different churches, but with the same goal — SAVE THE BABIES! We believe strongly that in order to save the baby, we must help the mother. We promise them that if they come away with us, we will not just hand them a phone number and leave them on their own to figure out how to move forward. We walk WITH them throughout their pregnancy and have a baby shower for them about a month before they are due to deliver.

    I am so humbled to see how God places things in their proper order at the perfect time. We have a MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!

    I will try to contact “Save Unborn Life” to see if they can help. If they can’t, at least we can pick their brains to see how they have been able to accomplish what they’re doing.


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      Kim Ketola

      January 28, 2014

      What a blessed work God is doing through you! And yes, if you need help contacting Save Unborn Life, please let me know. I also would request for you to call in and share this weekend when we cover this story live on the radio! You can listen in the Atlanta area at 90.7 and 91.7. Our listeners need to hear your story and perhaps many will be moved to join in! Our number is 800-811-3003. Thank you so much for your note today. I am in prayer for your ministry and those in need of the help you’re providing.

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    January 28, 2014

    Thank you, Kim. I will try to call in — what time is your radio show?

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      Kim Ketola

      January 28, 2014

      9-10 pm ET. If reception is poor in north metro Atlanta,you can listen online using the links here



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