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John C. Lincoln Hospital in Glendale, Arizona has this sign posted outside the ER:

Safe Haven notice

Arizona is not unique in offering desperate moms a safe haven. The Safe Haven Alliance has dedicated locations in all 50 states where a woman may leave her newborn at a designated facility to care for the child without fear of legal reprisals.

The safe haven movement began following the 1997 case of Melissa Wexler, the Prom Mom. The nation was shocked by her return to the dance floor while the baby she had just delivered in the restroom lay dead or dying. Some attributed her crime and others taking place at the time as fallout of affluenza–upscale teens unwilling to face the stigma of teen pregnancy or parenting. Melissa pled guilty to charges of aggravated manslaughter and served three years of a fifteen-year sentence.

While still relatively rare, the disturbing stories of desperate moms abandoning or killing their newborns are still happening. And they’re not limited to spoiled or troubled teens in upscale suburbs. A quick Google search yielded recent cases in San AntonioKentuckyNew JerseyLong Island, and Baltimore.

I’m saddened and shocked by these stories too. But I’m not surprised. I think I get it.

What I see is a well of moral confusion caused by the blurred lines of making abortion legal under any and all circumstances. I hear the twisted logic:

It’s okay to abort a baby right up to the ninth month. But if you don’t have the money, and don’t want anyone to know, why not throw away a baby once it’s been born? What difference does that one day really make?

The deadly decision to abandon a baby or worse rests ultimately with the girl or woman who makes it. But I believe our culture has some culpability in these crimes. One effective answer has been the creation of Safe Haven laws such as the pioneering efforts of The Baby Moses Project in Texas.

Representative Geanie W. Morrison crafted legislation as one of the first to recognize the need for a comprehensive approach to protect these vulnerable children and their mothers.

This outreach deserves our support and efforts to raise awareness. Join us to find out how you can get involved and be a part of this positive effort to uphold the cause of life.

From her official bio:

During her service on the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee, Representative Morrison authored the Country’s first Baby Moses legislation, which provides desperate mothers a responsible alternative to newborn abandonment. Since its passage in 1999, all 50 states have implemented similar measures, and hundreds of newborns have been saved nationwide – nearly 100 in the state of Texas.

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