Wayne Stiles – Next best thing to a trip to Israel

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Bible scholar Wayne Stiles

[UPDATE: podcast posted 1-6-14]

Ah, Israel. The cradle of our faith. The place where Jesus walked.

Jerusalem photo by Larry Kutzler

The Pool at Bethsaida photo by Larry Kutzler

One of the things I so love about our Lord is that Jesus was a master storyteller. We feel we can actually see the characters he so vividly renders in his teaching parables about widows and farmers and a prodigal and his family. But these imaginings can sometimes impede our knowledge that there were also real people who met Jesus and walked away forever changed. This distinction is so important–the ministry of Jesus is not just about his instructive teaching. We have a historical record to inspire and direct us still today. The pool pictured above is where Jesus miraculously instructed a lame man to pick up his mat and walk according to John 5:2-17

Knowing what Jesus accomplished there encourages my faith and makes me more confident to claim that even today, he still heals.

When I had the joy and privilege to travel to Israel in 2006 with KTIS and Faith Radio for a tour titled Where Jesus Walked, it was a life-changing encounter with the historic reality of the Bible lands whose stories had until then remained an abstraction.

And later, when it came time for me to write about Jesus, I knew I wanted to incorporate the historic reality I had found into my words about how Jesus’ ministry is still at work healing and helping us today. The next best thing to taking you to Israel with me is to bring someone to you who is expertly acquainted with helping people experience the joy of discovering the Holy Land.

Wayne Stiles

Wayne Stiles

Wayne Stiles is a Bible scholar who is dedicated to helping people connect the Bible to the geographic locations in the Holy Land today. He is captivated, as I was, by the reality of the land where Jesus walked. His blog is packed with resources like his series of Bible Land Devotions and gorgeous photos bringing Jesus’ homeland to life. I discovered Wayne’s work while searching out Bible history on reparative giving, a subject dear to the hearts of those recovering from abortion. He graciously agreed to join us to discuss this and explore the many themes of how God heals today.

Wayne will share his insights on encounters with Christ in the gospels as a way to encourage your faith and instill hope if you’ve been broken by sin.

From Wayne’s Bio:

A former pastor and Bible scholar (ThM, DMin), Wayne has served in leadership at Insight for Living, the Bible-teaching ministry of Chuck Swindoll, as an executive vice president since 2005. Wayne is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, and has served on the Board of Directors for the National Religious Broadcasters. Wayne took his first trip to Israel in 2000, and is now traveling to Israel every other year and serving as a Bible teacher on the Insight for Living tours. Wayne has written three devotional books, Grow Strong,Going Places with God and Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus, which show the practical application of the Bible lands to life. He has also written for the online edition of the Jerusalem Post.

Join us as Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola welcomes Bible scholar Wayne Stiles on Sunday January 5 at 9 pm ET

Kim Ketola


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    Wayne Stiles

    December 30, 2013

    Thanks, Kim! It was a true honor to talk with you on your show. I’m praying that many will be encouraged to find the hope and healing Jesus gives. God bless you!



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