Abortion addiction? The secret at the heart of women who repeat

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Joyce Zounis

If abortion is a morally neutral choice, there should be nothing wrong with choosing it multiple times, right?

Yet even those who support a woman’s legal right to choose abortion may object to the idea of multiple repeat abortions. When the number goes above two or three we begin to wonder what may be going wrong. In the case of “abortion addict” Irene Vilar, women are seen as acting out a type of “generational and national trauma.”

Joyce Zounis understands and courageously shares the inner workings of aborting again and again.

She began choosing abortion when she was still in high school at age 15. Joyce was a high achiever with plans and dreams which didn’t include becoming a teen mom. When her mother silently took her for the first abortion, she learned how to fend for herself. Seven abortions later Joyce was finally broken by the abuse which lay at the root of her self-destructive lifestyle.

Eventually God moved to heal Joyce and position her for ministry to others who may feel they are too far gone for God. Joyce has shared her story on many national platforms, including Congressional testimony and on The 700 Club on CBN-TV.

Today Joyce is an advocate for the cause of life. She works as a broadcaster and serves to help others through postabortion ministry, a speaking ministry as well as in national leadership of 40 Days for Life. She also cares for and supports her five living children as a loving mother.

Share your thoughts here–what’s wrong with abortion as birth control? Has our culture moved beyond the slogan Safe, Legal and Rare to accepting unlimited abortion on demand and without apology?

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