Can the Internet save us from abortion?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes the team from Online for Life

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[UPDATE: podcast posted 12-24-13]

If you consider yourself prolife, there are many ways to advance the culture of life. We influence as voters, volunteers and voices of hope. Now there is a new model as well: intercepting the internet search process to present women who are vulnerable with a true choice and a life-affirming alternative. That’s the new life-saving model from Online for Life.

Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher is Online for Life’s President and author of Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women. The book’s premise rejects the notion that men should have no say regarding a woman’s abortion decision. Instead, Fisher says,

Just as abortion was wrought on America by men, it will only be ended in America when men stand beside women, as equals, to cooperatively rid America of the death and suffering.

Fisher documents how men have used abortion to subjugate and exploit women for decades–and how they can help establish a culture of life.

Jeff Bradford

We’ll also be joined this Sunday by Jeff Bradford, Online for Life’s Vice President. Bradford is a seasoned business owner and leader and he specializes in major-donor development and partner relations. Jeff has agreed to share his story, a moving account of how his experience of abortion motivates the work he does today.

The core focus of Online for Life is to reach at-risk women and men in their deepest time of need and introduce them to local life-affirming organizations where love and information can be shared in a compassionate, nonjudgmental way. So far over 1300 babies have been saved as a direct result of the efforts of Online for Life.

Online for Life is healing hearts online in a new postabortion ministry through their abortion memorial for grieving parents who wish to honor a child lost to abortion. Here’s my memorial. Will you post one as well? You can use a pseudonym. If you do post, please leave the link here in the Comments. I’d love to read yours.

Learn more as you join us Sunday, December 22 at 9 pm ET as Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola welcomes the team from Online for Life

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