Overcoming the Good-Girl Image Trap

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Jennifer Camp

Jennifer Camp guests on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola

Jennifer Camp

[UPDATE: 12-9-13 podcast posted]

It’s been said that abortion creates a secret sorority, and one that nobody wants to belong to or join.

Yet, I’ve found that sharing our stories has created some of the deepest bonds of friendship I’ve ever known.

Before my healing, I kept the truth of my abortion experience hidden away with other “unacceptable” details of my past and aspects of my personality and character. Hiding out never helps foster closeness though. And so I found myself lonely not only in a crowd, but also in my closest circle of friends.

Sound familiar?

Many of us chose abortion to maintain a reputation–to keep up the image of being a good girl. Afterwards we feel an impulse to nurture our painful secrets instead of ourselves and others. We all need help to overcome this impulse to live up to a false image of perfection. We all need friends who will be authentic and transparent. We all need the safety to simply be ourselves. That’s why I’m so happy to introduce you to Jennifer Camp. She has overcome the trap of the good-girl image that led so many of us to choose abortion. She is finding that identity is the thing we long for–to know and be known for our true worth.

Jennifer is a writer and speaker and blogger with iBelieve, dedicated to creating community through finding and embracing our true identity together.

She has bravely shared her story of choosing “do things her own way.” Jennifer’s story is perhaps like yours, perhaps different. Teen pregnancy affects one in three girls before they reach the age of twenty. Her choice then has led to a beautiful new now in her story, rewritten in light of God’s love. Join us to share your story and learn the comfort of community as women together seek to live out our true identity in Jesus Christ.

From her bio:

Jennifer is, at heart, a country girl, finding God in the middle of an almond orchard, long ago. She is married to Justin and is the mom of their three crazy kids. She is also a listener, writer and speaker, in that order.  She writes at her blog, You Are My Girls.com, and is the co-founder of Gather Ministries, the new non-profit she works on with her husband. Her current favorite project is called Loop, an email devotional for women written straight from what she hears God say to her when she asks Him, “What do you have to say to your girls?” His words are her favorite things to ever scrawl down.

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Jennifer Camp December 8 at 9 pm ET

Kim Ketola


  1. Reply

    maria grace

    March 15, 2014

    Excellent pride kept me from being human and admitting I made a mistake which led to a series of living a lie.
    There are no small decisions. Pray seek wise councel.
    Thank you jennifer your voice is so needed.

    • Reply

      Kim Ketola

      March 15, 2014

      Thank you for listening, maria grace. Jennifer’s story has touched so many here! And you are so right–truly no small decisions. I pray for your healing as you seek the Lord’s face.



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